The bect NOT help from from suport

Very many thanks for your NOT help. When I opened the chest I received a unique shield of Achilles. The game interrupted communication and the shield disappeared. I do not think that I have problems but problems in the game and in the game itself. What is required is that the support should fix this error. Instead, I received a duty response that no one wants to move his ass. And although I would check the problems. " Unfortunately, due to technical limitations, we are not able to credit in-game items as the system doesn’t allow it. The shield you mentioned was converted into gold as items are sold when a disconnection occurs."

Тhe best service ever! After playing this game for for more than a year from the begin! I don’t need need your gold i want my item that I won - !!!

Totally agree, to get a decent item then lose it due to a random connection issue is massively frustrating, similarly when you’ve finished a battle and loose everything. There should be a means to recover or go back to a set point in the past

Wow I thought this only happens to me when I finish a raid and message pops in red saying Bad connection.And I lose 20 trophies or one fury if I am fighting in war.

This normally happens whenever you connect from another device too and this one is not preventable. The bad Connection can be dealt with if you minimize the game and restart your phones wifi, then come back and wwait. Usually it fixes this crap for me and bad connection is 97% due to your wifi, ISP or wifi card being messed up.

I have twice written a support. And got the same copy / paste answer. All those who try to pass through incur the time of the effort to earn money and get a reward. But when the game does not work due to the fault of the developers. And those who need help with this problem do not even want to augur the case. I change the rating from 5 to 1 star and for a spit-like relationship.

@Eswat I’m sorry for what happened to you


Hey @Infamous thank you for the suggestion and I am not blaming Flaregames for bad connection problem ,it can happen any time to anyone but I certainly don’t like the idea of losing 35 trophy   on a raid bacause of bad connection.???

Yeah, ik it hurts. Yet, as I have previously said somewhere, this is a measure to discourage the scenario of one player simply shutting the game down after a fu&kup for offensive to avoid loosing 7 trophies. He would then proceed to nuke the guy still and given the most fair and precise (NOT) trophy system FG has, the defender would probably end up loosing 23. So yeah, I have to say I like it the way it is now more.

The game has bugs that developers hardly want to fix. The game works well even on a 128 kbps internet connection, which is minimal for most mobile operators. Problems begin when the game starts downloading the ad video. There is simply  proof even if there is no additional program to monitor the traffic used by the programs -  turn the game on a quick internet connection  play the video ad and then about 2 hours the game will work even at even a minimal mobile speed until the time for the next ad video - then starts the coнnection breaks , loss of trophies and chest problems and more. Because ads are much more important than players.


Now let me tell about my problem for which I started this topic. I had to write four times on the counterpart to get something different from a pre-prepared answer that politely hinted at not dealing with my problems. The game looks visually well and has good ideas, but with such attitude towards the people who play it, I think they just ruin their own labor and effort.