The Best T.V Shows Out Right Now

Gotham is kinda awesome at the moment. Also Spartacus is really nice one.


Yeah i watched Spartacus but didn’t that show get cancelled after a few seasons ?

Nope. After the first one they change an actor that played Spartacus, but that’s it. Show got 3 seasons and the third is an end. But Spartacus has so much success that even main actor change haven’t damaged that show.


Yeah they actually changed the main actor because he passed away from some type of Cancer, After that it took me awhile to accept the new character, but overall it didn’t effect the show that much, 3 seasons is short, but it was definitely a good watch.

no onewatch supernatural???

offcourse i watch supernatural is the best show ever!!. I also watch castle, ncis, Game of thrones, vikings, the walking dead, once upon a time and the last ship

im not a big tv watcher but supernatural up to season 8 was the shit!


I love Suits, The Newsroom and White Collar (though the last episode ever was just released last thursday :slightly_frowning_face:

Seems like How to Get Away With Murder hasn’t been mentioned so I’ll just pitch it in.

Also waiting for Da Vinci’s Demons 3rd Season and Sherlock’s 4th one.

Big Bang Theory (I like Sheldon)



Agents of S.h.i.e.l.d. (I hope there is an 2nd Season upcoming)


Walking Dead (was only the first Season good, is becomes more and more like an Daily Soap Opera with Blood).

Yeah the first season of the walking dead was by far the best, it has never been the same but I still watch it. There’s like a few slow boring episodes and then a good action packed one. It repeats like this all the time. It’s their business model :grinning:


Big bang is quality, I haven’t enjoyed it as much since like season 4, when they brought the girls into it. They tried to emulate “friends” they even stole alot of their episodes. I preferred it when Howard was a creep, so funny. I suppose all things have a lifespan and have to change eventually.

i can’t make a top ones but it would include arrow,flash,gotham,flashpoint,babylon 5,monk,psych,leverage,merlin,marvel’s agents of shield those are all my favorites no bad ones

wow really no1 has brought up family guy yet

family guy is hilarious, best cartoon ever

I own volume 1-13, the unaired episode, stewie’s untold story, and all 3 star wars spoofs

so many laughs in there


Some Family Guy Episodes are good but it seems like most are getting kind of boring , i actually now prefer American Dad over Family Guy, Brickleberry is also good …

Watching the top gear christmas special right now.  So yeah Top gear is a great show.

while you talk about family guy, why not south park due to the fact that its your image, how’d you miss that

haha touché atlas

the reason is I prefer fam guy

I do enjoy both but I don’t own south park and don’t pay for TV

(internet bill is enough :stuck_out_tongue:


New and Rising: 

 if you love politics, watch Madam Secretary… :slight_smile: