The Best Troop

I was wondering which troops are best keeping all aspects in mind like speed, range, health, weaknesses etc.

So I thought that I would consult it with you guys. Can you please tell me which is the best troop and why?

froster! it may seem odd and weak but think about this is big weakness is fire damage right but if it slows firebolt towers then it cuts to weakness in half right there it can also really far and is cheap to mass produce nothing standing after 30-40 frosters of course i use pyros in front of them for their meat wall

Canon,i always use them

for me when attacking the best invent is


Base with big Monsters

cannons and arblaster

Base without big Monster


For defence, gargoyles and froster

For offence, Pyromancer and arblaster and knight / Paladin

cannon,arblaster,pyromancer and some time mortar.

You are level 88 and have advanced this far as a free player with a silo that stores only 580 food, if I remember comments elsewhere correctly.  It’s very impressive, and sounds like you might have some insight to offer. Could you share which you think are best and why? 

580 food only? Totally free? Level 88? That’s only 2 attacks per full silo. I’m starting to wonder how…

well, the truth is I don’t even play Royal Revolt 2. I have to download it today.  :ph34r:

Do not feed the troll, he is currently being developed and will be appearing as a new troop type in a future release.

ability non stop scream - non stop attention