The Blacksmith event is not working properly!


The Blacksmith event is not working properly. 
Shortening in the forge to get beads is definitely much too expensive. A full forge always cost about 30 diamonds.
Now it is twice as much. 

 I have often shortened over 50 boxes. That was never so expensive.

With the 2 picture approx. 130 gems would have to stand not 370gems.

Please fix this bug quickly.

Thank you! 

Guido the 1

I’m using a translater!

I feel you’re kind of comparing apples and oranges here. In picture 1 you have epic and legendary items, while in picture 2 there’re all pro items which are worth WAAAAY more in terms of gold and pearls. So they won’t yield 3 times time/pearls what you’d get in picture 1, more like 6-7 times (70 pearls for legendary, 400 pearls for pro, more or less), and thus the increased time and gem cost.

I’m assuming anyway…

Last items are melted when blacksmith will not be boosted any more. 2k+ items need more than 2 hours to melt, so boost of blacksmith will expire before the last item will be melted.

If you want to speed up melting the items, don’t put in items together that need more time than the boost lasts. Then those gems asked are way lower.

Put in max 2 2k+ items plus some lower items after you just started the boost, then you get lower prices in terms of gems for skipping cool down.