The Blood Forged - is back

Greetings warriors!

The old TBF is being rebuilt under new management! I call out anyone that wants to participate, in the GODS league, to apply for a spot.

You have to be able to compete in this league (levels over 110-120), and just put in the required time for wars. Other than that, we have a training camp for everyone, all questions will be answered regarding the game, how to build your heroes and generally.

We are also looking for Captains and Officers to run several parts of the alliance. Be responsible and follow simple rules.

The alliance is non-hostile and non-toxic. Easy going, but demanding for results, at least to the best of each abilities.

I also call all my friends, if they have time to join up, team up and have fun! Thanks!

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Hi again guys!

We are open for any merging offers. We have max level for max members, and we are in Gods league for a more competitive war season. We have 2 weeks to make any deal work, before the new season.

We can offer:

  1. any officer placements you wish
  2. you can handle fully the war tactics
  3. you can be in charge of the recruiting
  4. full support on game improvement / hero builds / forging

Just as long you are straightforward and honest with your actions.

Hi guys, we have successfully merged with a team, and looking for 10-15 more members to join us. We are trying to have all blessings active, and get good war results.

We got a week to do this, so if any alliances are interested, message me here or on line, so we can agree the details.

We are in Gods league and looking to rebuild. Thanks!