The Blood Forged - Top 25 Alliance

Hey everyone,

We are looking for new active members for our alliance: The Blood Forged (ranked in top 25 in tropies and top 15 in torches)

We have blessings throughout the week and offer a place for you to grow and evolve with us.


  • Weekly donation minimum of 550k (thats alliance hall level 7)

  • Activity in the war (20k spoils minimum)

  • 3500 trophies and more


We have a Band group:!/band/63441119

If you want to join our team, we would prefer that you talk to us in Band before you apply in the game. If you apply in the game directly,

you should inform us in the game chat about your donation minimum and your intentions after you got admitted.

If you don’t meet our requirements, talk to us in Band first and we will discuss matters.

Please feel free to apply even if we have maximum members.


We’re looking forward to your application!