the conquest mode.

hello dears

me and most of my friends didn’t understand this conquering mode. we’re going to the area with the donkey. 

I wish our old order came back. I miss the ninja and Alliance battles.

There is a really simple explaination here:

You should have a look!

The conquest will take a while to fully understand, as flare told us, but the link to the tips that @orko gave you will really help you out. This will be my first time fully playing the Conquest, and my first EVER time as AwesomestKnighest. Thanks for the tips Madlen, they’ll really help me out

Yeah, I hope it helps. ?

I like the improvements they’ve made so far. 

Thanks… @Madlen @orko @AwesomestKnighest I solved the system. It’s great and it’s super fun. ? ?

So with the latest version, you can move as far as you want in a certain area but use all of your energy up and STILL have to wait however many hours it takes for your energy to build back before you can do anything. 

How is this an improvement? 

It takes 11-12 hours to refill all your energy. 
Before: Move a tiny bit, wait 1-3 hours move again. Repeat
Now: Move all you can.  Go to sleep/work.  Repeat.

Pretty sure this is EXACTLY what people were complaining about and what they wanted.


Hey dear

i am super legendary rookie ?

I take your suggestions into consideration and apply them. It’s a great experience to listen and understand Super players like you.

? ? Mory Kante Feat. EurRitmix Mega Remix - Yeke Yeke 

and ? Relax ?

If your away from conquest mode for more than 1 hour 20 supreme victory will done and you’ll be sent all the way back to the stronghold. Still same as before , nothing changed you cant  put a Flintstone bandaid on a sucking chest wound and expect no air to get in, then tell them it’s all fixed.

@Chris P Bacon

We were talking about movement so why you bring up supreme victory?

No one has seen how its changed, so your response seems overly dramatic. 


I believe the topic says " The Conquest Mode" that kind of leaves it open to comment on anything pertaining to The Conquest Mode, and not just movement.   

I apologise for being overly dramatic by speaking about The Conquest Mode , in general. 

You quoted me about the movement then talked about supreme victory.   Both valid topics, it just seemed you were trying to connect them.

Avoiding drama is good, it lets us focus on actually making improvements .

I may at times get frustrated with drama distracting from solving problems.

In fact, most of us have criticized the conquest mode over the first look. then I looked in more detail and realized that the conquest mode was very simple and fun. I think all the things that have to be done are done, and I’m sure it will be even better. ?