The continuous complaint flow is crazy

The forum is an almost unlimited source of info and tips that enable us to play better and better. Many posts are great to read since those who do not play this game since years and do not yet have even the grass beside the castle gate maxed and boosted can learn a lot.

Still about fifty percent of the posts nowadays are on why can’t we get more gems for free, why can’t we have 2million peals for free, why do iOS players have vids, why are windows players discriminated etc… and this is just boring. If ones tries to find a decent helpful post, first needs to read 1 million complaints.

Have typed the below, as I use the forum to guide me trough the game a read great tips from experienced players, not to blame anyone or create bad feelings in any who believe that his/her complaints are grounded. 

There are a few things that need to be accepted, and if you manage to do so, you’ll enjoy playing.

Presumably the fact that this game can be downloaded for free and can be played for free if one wishes, makes people believe that this is a FREE GAME. IT IS NOT! If you want to play it at full power you need to pay. It is exactly the same as a beta version of a software. If anyone believed that the software developer guys, who btw do a great job, work in the voluntary army called flaregames, than you are wrong. Still if you play for fun, why do you care that those who pay get more? Play for fun!!! It is a great choice.

I am an iOS user, and yes I get vids for food, still probably less than someone located in an apple dominated country. Why do I get vids and widows users don’t? Simple logic, apple costs triple and has store based sales. Every decent iOS software costs a fortune. Am I getting some extra advantage? No, as I have paid far more than others. If you don’t need an Apple product, would you buy it for triple windows or ten-times android price, only to play this game and get the same extras? Presumably no, and you would do right!

Would you need unlimited food vids? You live in Somalia where noone buys from the Apple store, but you still want those vids to pop-up? All you need to do is to move to the US and you have them. Would you do it? Presumably no, and you would do right!

Cmon guys be once with your feet on the ground. Flare upgrades this game and develops others for profit and not to make free players happy. And this is absolutely normal. All you need to do is to accept it (you don’t get free beers in the pub either, unless is yours, or if you do please share the address). And if you decide to be a free player than play for fun.

This is a game that is much fun to play irrespective how you play it!

why are windows players discriminated?


for you it is funny complaint?


now we CANNOT do even more things - speed up taverns, farms, smith, get free chests


great. This is a game that is much FUN TO PLAY

“No, as I have paid far more than others”


Are you dumb? What connection it has to gameplay and competition?

As I said, my intention was not to hurt anyone’s complaints or their validity.

In my opinion, windows has less extras due to the way the platform operates. The extras in the game are advertisements by other apps, provided by other companies with the hope that you download or buy their things. Similar adds are very common in several software for iOS. Whereas on windows platforms the adds equal mainly 0.


Just to respond to your are you dumb thing. How much have u paid for a windows Pc $200, you pay at least $1300 for a mac.  

Well, it’s true that maybe this forum has a lot of complains, but that’s merely because Flares has made it to anger the players. If players complain constantly, the company might answer someday (they have actually done it sometimes).

I just posted this nd I don’t think any of the suggestions r extravagant or undeserving!

If not for the complains the game would lack several good things it has now! And it requires some more to continue smoothly.



It is ADVERTISED as a free game, but if you want any chance at all to be successful after the first chunk of levels, let’s just say it helps to pay for at least some basic upgrades. Funny, if a retail store did the same thing, it would be called “Bait & Switch” and that retail establishment would be liable for prosecution.


Some of this argument beggars belief.


For the record,MS included advertising in a number of its games like mahjong and solitaire and the like. And players got nothing for it. I didn’t mind because yes, companies need to make a profit to stay in business. But those games did not come with the implicit if unspoken message that if you DON’T cough up money they’re going to make it exceedingly difficult to play.


Vive le difference!

Hard to play just for fun when we need to pay if we want to win. Losing because you’re not spending money is not fun.


I agree there’s too much complaint here but they are not without a reason.

@Hun: Seriously? You payed more for an Apple product? A Windows tablet is more expensive than it’s Android counterpart and even IOS one, and usually there are no cheap tablets for the platform because it’s a full fledged OS. The cheapest windows tablet costs 200$ and the cheapest Android one costs 30? What is your logic then?


Software for Windows costs more! Check the windows store!

Hardware for windows costs the same or even more for High End Tablets or PC’s! Check the local Supermarket!  

The game should be fair…

I’m playing also on Android to get the boosts, but still enjoy the game mostly on Windows because it’s my choice… Let me just tell you the 2.0 version advantages of Android and IOS:

Free boosts for Farm x2, taverns x5 - 4 boosts usually

Free gems x1 - not worth to lose time but whatever

Free food x1 battle ~ 200 food for multiple times

Free Extra LEGENDARY chest - multiple times per day!


And that is just from the top of my head… GFO OP!

Maybe if this company stopped resorting to FRAUDULENT AND MISLEADING tactics to get people to spend gems (and thus money), people wouldn’t complain. They are simply the single most sleaziest game company I’ve ever seen in that respect.

Contrary to what I’ve said earlier, I’m grateful that Flare made this game multiplatform…

The problem is that the game should be fair. You can’t monetize Windows? Just give them the same boosts for free or make them catch a flying skull across the screen (so they lose time)… I don’t see a problem with that approach. Yes, it’s free stuff for free… but isn’t Android doing just the same for less than a cent (What Flare is making from those promotional videos)???


Why is this a problem?


Another idea, instead of free, make it a one off purchase in game free boosts package for 1$! I see a lot of money from that approach even more than from Android ads. Gish, get your act together!


Wow, 2 great ideas… I must be a genius!?

The complaint is cuz theres too much to pay for!! I paid $100 to unlock 7 melt slot and what I get ? About 400 pearls daily if I melt continously that are gone in two failed forge.Fck this game of chance!!!

Pay to play or leave to play(other games),this f***up flare no listen

We do have moderators on the forum and people who really help a lot of us to play better. Only an example in oPelle. Someone from them might assist with my proposal below.

In my view flare in not really dealing with the complaints, since they are so numerous and spread over almost every discussion.

If these complaints would be collected and placed in a single sheet, and all of us could vote, or press like, or express our agreement to any of the complaints listed therein and wish to have something changed, than WE as a joint gaming community might achieve that they read and listen.

Lol we did that Hun, I was once a mod too.Wayyyy before oPelle and Jona was still around but it leads to nothing

They did, they just announced OFFICIAL support for free WINDOWS ads in next version… You see, this is how it works!

Thanks Hun for your great post. Like you I usually check the forum for info, updates, tips but the amount of complains is really getting boring. I’m not going into specifics but just wanna say thank you for your refreshing post. Cheers.

There is a saying: A customer that complains, is still a customer (and a good one, cause he cares and wants you to improve), but a customer that does not complain anymore, is already not a customer, or he’s a bad one, cause he does not care.

Complaints here are intended to make this game a better place for all of us.

@Hun, concerning the windows devices, you are absolutely wrong. Please check your source again. Microsoft “Surface” tablet is much more expensive than iPad and Microsoft Lumia 950 phone is more expensive than iPhone. I use both. You were probably talking about desktops, but most of the players use tablets and cellulars. Very inconvenient to play this game on the desktop.

complaints will stop when flare quits screwing us over every chance they get…too many complaints brings a new update supposedly to fix all our problems   but only brings more bugs and fuels more complaints…i suggest no more updates until all the bugs are ereadicated

Actually I prefer to play RR2 on my laptop, I feel the game flows better and I’m a better raider. On my phone sometimes I have to tap stuff multiple times for them to work, and I don’t like the tinier screen for the game.