the coolest Alliance shield crest ever!

now this IMO would be the ‘coolest’ Alliance shield crest ever!

even though it is only eye candy, eye candy in a game does not give one cavities ?

I hope that maybe in a future patch, upgrade, or even if there ever is a RR3

that the number of options for an Alliances icon would give a player more variety.


Looks dope 

+1!!! We need a skull shield! Would look awesome!! Or, since you used the Poison photo for the shield, it could be used for something like “a moment of silence for TC”  

Nice if one alliance have this probably I will join them :slight_smile:

Would like to see more options for art or let us import shield colors. Also as a free player and non alliance would like to be able to change shield color at least.

I agree a non alliance player should also get  some options for their shield too.

I hope forum mediators are taking note :slight_smile:  RR2 players like their eye candy

Nope, non alliance players should not get their own shield, mainly because having that blue shield is made to show other players that that player is not in an alliance

No a non alliance player should not have the option to create his own shield because will produce a lots of confusion. Not sure Leader or general will like to check everyone one by one because of this. its more easy like this with the blue empty shield.

Sure non-alliance players are in an alliance, they’re in Team Solo (as in single - solo≠multi, not related to space smugglers). :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d put this in the “give us more customisation options, dangnabit!” category. I like this category and support everything that improves this.

I agree a game like this should have over 200 logo choice who match with Medieval theme of RR2. More design of the emblem and colors. Its something we ask for age but still ignored by Flare. No prefer nerfs the game its more fun