The Crimson Avengers looking for merger

The Crimson Avengers is lv30 rank 946 is looking for a merger. Message The leader Lord Danious II -  We require min lv 60, and all players do at least 3 battles per war per day. We have 20 actives and recently cut a bunch off non participants to make room for a merger (currently we have 14 empty spaces) . Don’t worry about not being a leader or leaving your guild. You can always move back if you hate us and the increase in power and free levels is always worth it…

On the flip side if you are a much better guild (level/players) we will merge with you if you can take the bulk (at least 15) of our players…

Lastly donating is mandatory (we don’t care if you skip a day or 2 just donate alot more often than not). 

_ I love my guild and don’t want to leave it but i want to merge with you  _

_ I mean can you merge with me  _

_ This is my info : _