The current meta favouring the middle alliances

Initially I didn’t want to share this because I’m not obliged to, but oh well…


I’ll start of by saying this. If you read this with an open mind, you will realize that the current meta is actually shifting away from pay to win.


Now that you have an open mind, ask yourself this: how are you going to achieve the top? Logically, there are only 2 ways:-


  1. You overtake the top players

  2. The top players leave and you take over by default.


Now, the 2nd option is horrible, because that means the game is dead.


So, for those eyeing to overtake the top, there are 2 ways that it can happen:-


  1. You pay more than the top paying players

  2. You become more skillful


Here’s the CATCH, these two options are not up to you to choose. It is up to the developers to decide on which direction they want to head to.


The question is, is the developer moving the meta toward (1) or number (2)? *****


Here’s a list to see if the developers are moving toward (1) or (2):-


a) Look at the first thing they introduced in the update. Conquest mode. If you read the FAQ, you will understand that, unlike normal war, you can now truly gang up on a top alliance. Can an alliance pay so much that they can fight 1vs3 in a map? highly doubt so.


b) The huge nerf that applies across the board. Is this a move toward (1) or (2)? If the game just changes whatever is OP in rotation, the pay-to-win players can just “buy” it if they don’t already have. However, when the nerf has such a huge net, then both pay to win players AND free players have to BOTH learn how to use those units/ spells properly. The extent of which you can PAY for your victories have lessened. So, again, is this a move toward (1) or (2)?


c) In normal war, let’s face it, you will never be able to overtake the skull bonus pay-to-win players have. BUT, with these nerf changes, do you think there’s more importance now to win war raids with skills or to just keep paying and stacking skull bonuses on your war gear? Again, is this a move toward (1) or (2)?


d) They have not added any new levels to alliance tower and beast level, 2 things that pay to win players can easily do that will destroy everyone else.






I take that back, I am really too lazy to type this whole thing out. It’s a game. Go figure it out as a gamer, I’m really not obliged to convince you. If you believe the meta is moving toward (2), then you can catch up to those top players and take them out. If you believe the game is moving toward (1), that’s up to you. If i changed my mind, I’ll edit this and add more to the list.



Well… top paying players can still buy their wins in conquest-raids by constant scrolling/reviving/… non stop. So all the rebalancing won’t charge that. It only makers it harder for f2p.


we’ll see, but no high hopes atm

Its not a corporate company. Its a game. People were having fun before and they invested their time and money because of that

Now u ask us to develop skills like it is some kind of job. In two or three months they will nerf anything else.

How alliances do you consider to be paying one?  I mean that most of the alliance buy  gems regularly?

Pretty sure there’s only a few like that. 

For conquest your going to have battle with 1 player vs 5. Not many players are going to do well with that.


No wonder Flare is confused cause you guys complain no matter what happens. I’ll show you an example:


Someone here said why nerf offense, just buff defense. If that happens, that it will truly become a pay to win. Top players can flatten your base but you can’t beat their bases with the new Conquest boost. It will truly be a one way agenda. Now, with offense being nerfed, even the top pay to win players are having difficulties with your bases too.


I’m calling it here first, when Flare buff offense again to where it was, you guys will regret it. All your bases will be flatten by the top players but even with your buffed offense you STILL won’t be able to touch the top bases with their double boosted Vikings. You are literally asking for your only chance to defend yourself against top players to be taken away. When players realize that, then lol, they will complain again.

Only the top players cares about their invincible bases. They have all things maxed out both lvl and forging

The mid and small lvl player first works on his offense and then on defense. He cant get any resources if the offense is weak.

It seems that u forgot ur early days in rr2

If that was true, then why is the entire forum filled with hatred against pay to win? You think mid alliances don’t want to overtake top alliances one day?


People complained that they can’t reach the top, Flare introduced more “skill requirements” into the game so pay to win players have to play properly too. Remove this nerf and you remove that, but like I said, it is only one way. Once Viking double boosts is here, mid alliances still can’t touch top alliances, but top alliances can now close one eye again when they flatten all other bases without using any skills.

Absolutely right…this is the only reason why the offense is useless now…

Top alliances were/are/will and always be flattening mid alliances no matter how many defensive boosts mid alliance uses

Again the difference is the resources

The top lvl players can easily win wars, leagues, conquest against mid lvl alliance but raiding top players successfully is impossible now

not with the current meta

Then share the meta data 

What do you think I’m doing in this thread?


In other threads I’ve posted screenshots showing how some players from Todes can fail my base with Pro paladin boosts and yet how some players from level 69 alliances with WOK can beat my base (I’m from a level 80 alliance). Some of my teammates are having trouble beating bases that have switched off many of their boosts and some of my teammates can still fight the top 4 without any problem.


It is precisely because of this nerf that now mid alliances have a chance now to fight against top alliances.


It is relative to all alliances across the board now.


A top 20 alliance can now beat top 4 given the right skill and strategy. A level 50+ alliance can now beat a level 70+ alliance now for the same reason etc etc.



Previously, as stated in the first post of this thread, in normal war, you can never have more skulls than those who paid for it. Now, ALTHOUGH they have more skulls, doesn’t mean they will score better. It now depends more heavily on how skillful you are too.


I hope LacunaC You R right. Currently i’am not so sure. When LoS will face VL or Toddes in Conquest I hope You will create new topic about that strategy you R talking about. And about hate and complaiments: Changes were made to rapidly in my opinion and FG shoul be prepare for such reaction. Think about what will happen if half of players will resign?

LacunaC is correct !!

Before upgrading, no matter how many tons of pearls you invested in defense, any base could be hit with 2 minutes.

Now we can have fun again. I am passing top 10 bases without gems. It all depends on your skill.

Who is complaining because he probably has not yet learned to play RR2.


Another top player

They just care about themselves only


And if you read this thread with an open mind, you will realize it’s the new system that allows you to take him down.

Sure. He is the best ?

And you would expect what? that I would leave my defense open to you and wait for you with flowers in my hands?

You have two options, continue to cry because you can no longer pass any base with 2 minutes, or learn to play …

They look like children when they miss the candy.

Better come to a 60 level alliance and without those Pro boosts and War Boosts show us how you beat top bases using your skills…

Or better yet join my lvl 50 alliance