The current Pro Pro League is silly

Despite being already inherently more difficult than most other Pro Leagues, due to only allowing 2 units and 2 spells, the main frustration and issue comes from Phoebe’s bugged Healing ability.

Around 50% of the time you stand literally where Phoebe is, its healing will MISS you completely. I can see its healing circle’s radius, meaning I am 101% certain to be standing within its range, yet it doesn’t affect me at all.

This is extremely frustrating and makes you lose time, as you cannot exactly push forward while being at 25-50% health safely without risking dying as a result. This also brings me to another topic, which is that Pals are INVISIBLE when among your unit army, which means that you ought to change the color of the Pal’s cooldown ability from GREY to something that’s literally an eyesore, like a bright pink or magenta, or otherwise give the Pal an outline around its model that would make it stand out from the mass of units.

Please adjust this.

And of course, Pro League is still in dire need of laughingly simple improvements, such as:

  • You’ve made it possible for us to switch Units and Spells around (from one slot to another), but after you exit the Pro League or the game, our preferred slots are not remembered by the game and we have to do it all over again, which should not happen.
  • We still cannot see the stats of our Items.
  • Whenever there is a Pro League that is limited to only 2 Unit and 2 Spell slots, we are unable to set them to their respective 3rd slots, because the 3rd slot is then entirely removed in those Pro Leagues, which is also silly. Take this current Pro Pro League for example; I usually run Hammerstrike under the key “7” while playing on PC, but this League limits my Spell usability only to keys “5” and “6”, so it messes with my muscle memory and makes the experience more difficult than it needs to be.


that is not convenient for you is your problem.

not comfortable playing units without boosts or a certain type of spell. this is the meaning of the pro-league.

About Phoebe: I and half of my team also faced this problem. in the end we recruit up to 1000 and that’s it


You just need to make sure you are alone when Phoebe casts his healing ability. I had this problem as well, but I found out towards the end what I was doing wrong. I ended up with a score of 1500 or late 1400’s, but I could’ve had more had I been smart. I don’t think this PL was any more tough than usual, we got some great spells and units, while yes we did only get two of each. It was a deadly combo and I had fun with it

My only complaint with this PL would be, why the heck was there a beast on level 9? There never is a beast there

I have had the same issue with phoebe.  Even when standing still and the blessing forms directly on top of the hero, it would not heal me.  Is it designed to do this?  Am I missing something?  Awesome, you mention being alone, but am pretty sure I was many times and still would not heal the hero.  I seem to have more success of catching the blessing when I am moving, but not too far away from phoebe as then I am out of range.  Is there a sweet spot I need to aim for to catch the blessing?  Seems like being right next to it should work.  Appreciate any feedback or advice so I can be more successful with phoebe.  Unless it is a bug?


Hey guys,

Thanks for the feedback.

Phoebe’s Pal Blessing works like this: It is a fixed pool of HP that it will heal for nearby targets. If the King/Queen is surrounded by units chances are they will get healed first. We could think about adding a priority to heal the King first though.

This is the way it is supposed to work, however if you still think there is a bug, please let us know! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I thought king and nearby units earned the same percentage (it depends on the number of units) of hp from Phoebe’s blessing. I also noticed that Phoebe’s blessing has a range of 2, but it’s written 4.

Everytime there is a pro league with only 2 spells, I also face this problem.

I know this is something very small, but it is very annoying. And it’s easily fixed:

  1. let us assign hotkeys;

  2. or just be consistent with the spell location and the respective hotkey. If you have only 2 spells and you move them to the right, then make them the “6” and “7” spells.

I also got the issue on my phone…I m used to use the click on the second and third units and so with only 2 units, I dont have the third button…and so, I click like a machine on the third button…that does nothing except driving the king mad…cause it believes I want to run back…


I think Phoebe should have a timer on the Blessing (as the actual scroll does as well). During the PL he cast his ability while I was running back to get away from my troops. I was slightly out of range, but there was only one paladin and one archer (both with more than half health) around me. When the blessing was cast, it healed the two troops, which probably used 3k of the 11k healing stored in the Blessing. But it went away immediately. I think it should stick around for 3 seconds when the entirety of it’s heal has not been used up

Phoebe places a heal beacon. The “ability range” (as it is titled in game) refers to the radius of the heal beacon. Phoebe’s ability range works exactly as spells for example: we say “range” in game but it actually is the radius of the circle (always has been this way).

One thing that might lead you to believe that the range is 2 and not 4, the healbeacon vfx is super small in comparison to it’s actual effective range (radius).

I was sure that Phoebe had broken down, but after reading Madlen answers, I tried again and from 976 I rose to 1600+  :wink:


Hey Madlen,

This explains everything, I suppose. All the healing simply went to the units rather than the Hero, as the total amount of Health missing from the Units around me was so huge that there was no Healing left from Phoebe to affect my King. I dare say, this makes Phoebe far more useless than Tammy, and I’ve never gotten to experience it before, as I’ve only recently acquired Phoebe.

But even comparing just Tammy and Phoebe and how their healing works, I don’t understand why Phoebe’s healing is limited like that, while Tammy’s healing is not. In other words, Tammy will heal ~8k to a limitless number of units within its radius, no matter how many units there are, while Phoebe’s healing, being ~50% stronger than Tammy’s, is actually limited to its own number. In other words, we have the comparison between:

  • Tammy healing anywhere from 1 to 50 units, each for 8k HP, meaning up to 400k HP.
  • While Phoebe heals 12k HP, but will heal only a handful of units whose MISSING HP amounts to that number.
  • This also means that the more Units you have around your King/Queen, the less Healing you will get from Phoebe, which is extremely counter-intuitive, because in order to progress and push forward, you need more (not less) units to soak up all the Tower/Obstacle damage, but there is no way of avoiding taking the damage with your character without losing precious time in the League; you can’t just stand back behind your troops all the time, you will fail the run that way, not to mention you’re not utilizing your King’s/Queen’s Weapon damage and Scream Ability that way either.

I did not know that Phoebe was this inferior. And like you’ve said, the fact that it doesn’t prioritize the King/Queen is a big downside and at least now I know I will never be using Phoebe until that is changed, as it defeats the purpose of using that Pal, unless you run the Pal Flute, which wasn’t the case in this Pro League.

I for one have no idea why the VFX was made smaller than its actual range, which is an issue I frankly have with many other Spells and/or Pal abilities. If Phoebe’s Healing Ability range is 4, the visual effect for it should also be stretched out in radius to encompass the actual 4 range, so as there is no doubt and confusion, let alone misrepresentation that just ends up confusing players, as clearly seen in my case.

So yeah, please stretch out all Ability effects that do not correspond to their actual range, that’d be helpful indeed.

@AwesomestKnightest also made a great point about the Healing Ability’s duration and how a bunch of its healing potential is wasted, just because it procs instantly and its duration isn’t spread out across time, like the Blessing Scroll does. If you’re using the same Ability on a Pal that already exists in the game, like in Phoebe’s and Blessing Scroll’s case, it’s sort of a given that players will expect it to work the same, unless there’s some justifiable reason for it to work differently.

This is exactly why I never use Phoebe @AzureKnight, Tammy is much more reliable because, though you may not get as much heal as you could be with Phoebe, you know you will always be healed

You’re not supposed to be using Phoebe the same way you use Tammy.


You’re supposed to put yourself in situations where Phoebe is only healing your king. Nothing else. For example, you can push Phoebe forward, let your king absorb all incoming damage while your archers do the damage behind, as Phoebe heals your king back to full health instantly upon casting the spell. Another example is where you can go way forward into the path while your units are behind, and get your king to take out certain towers that are dangerous to units, i.e. when your king rush forward, he can take out skull towers, while leaving behind Snake towers for your archers to deal with. You don’t have to worry about dying because your Phoebe will follow you and each time it heals, your king goes back to full health.


Outside of this Pro League, similarly, Phoebe has a very unique playing style too. It is NOT useless. Remember sometime back there was a war with stargazer Firebolt and Instant Gargoyle boost? That was a war where no matter how many units you copied with Ceres, or how many units you heal with Tammy, or how many units you shield with Bucky, they all die pretty easily when they get hit by Armageddon. However, you can use Phoebe and run forward with your King while spamming instant gargoyle.


In other words, Phoebe allows instant huge healing for your King, and is suitable for strategy where your king is usually disassociated with your army. If you understand this, you’ll realize there’s plenty more strategy that actually allows for a unique Phoebe play style.


I mean, sure Phoebe has its niche in the examples you speak of, but I know that for me, the niche is far too small - especially outside of the Stargazer Firebolt Towers Boost (which always did a little too much damage in my opinion, similarly to how Phoeboe obliterated everything with its Armageddon before it was nerfed) you’ve mentioned - to ever be utilized, and perhaps when running with Pro Boosted Gargoyles.

By no means have I had enough experience with Phoebe to arrive at the conclusions or examples you’ve mentioned, so thank you for that. Given my limited experience with it, I just didn’t find Phoebe a good Pal to run in Pro League at all, as like you’ve mentioned, you have to either go back and let it heal only you or to be constantly ahead for Phoebe to do the same, where you do end up tanking all the Tower and Unit damage with your King/Queen. Now that I know these things, I feel even more silly for having performed poorly in this Pro League, but I digress; Phoebe’s utility niche is just not my playstyle at all and, as such, I never use it either.

Not a fan of how Phoebe’s healing is spread out and that it is so different from Tammy. I am perfeclty fine with running ahead with Janus and spawning 2 Monks whenever its off cooldown for essentially the same effect; keeping my King alive. The total HP restored is nowhere near what Phoebe provides, but at least I can rely on Monks spawning exactly where I want them and not having to remember to always make a hard STOP in place, just because Phoebe stops to cast its ability, which is another thing I’ve touched on with Pals in another topic.

TLDR: Phoebe is just not for me and that’s fine. Not everyone has to enjoy every single playstyle the game offers. If there’s enough people who like this playstyle, I suppose I should take back my calls and request for Phoebe changes to @Madlen, too.

Madlen’s explanation clarifies much.  I had probably thought I was by myself to get the blessing for the hero, as I thought the circle formed was the radius of the blessing, when in reality it is much larger and the healing was still going to the nearby troops that were just outside the circle.  I cannot speak for all, but personally, I would prefer the king to take priority when the blessing is cast.

Thanks for the explanation.

Yeah, definitely should prioritize the hero first.

Yup, the king should be the top priority.

Thanks for the feedback.

Not just prioritize, the king should automatically get a portion of the health (unless he’s not in range, of course)