The Dark War Lords looking for active players

The Dark War Lords


The Dark War Lords are a growing Alliance whose members think of each other as family.  As with anything worthwhile to support “the family” and future growth, there are requirements which must be met by all Members.

  There is no such thing as a free lunch!!

  Requirements To Join:

·  Minimum Hero Level - 80

·  Minimum Donation Level - 75k

·  Minimum Trophy Level - none

·  Language - English

·  Any current Member below above minimums will be grandfathered in so they can remain a Member.

Requirements To Remain A Member:

·  Donate gold daily

·  Participate in all wars and events (Pro League optional).  We encourage Members to take care of real life priorities.  We only ask that you message the Leader or a General so we are aware what is going on.

·  Treat all other Alliance Members with respect.  Do not use vulgarity or make it personal!

  Membership Benefits:

·  Current Defense Beasts: Savage Tammy LVL 1, Twisted Archimedes LVL 2, Primal Howl LVL 2, Primal Growl LVL 2, Vicious Bucky LVL 2, Untamed Kaiser LVL 2 

· Current Elite Boosts During Wars/Events:  Power Archer, Tough Barricade, Holy Paladin, Frost Trap, Stunning Ogre, Range Bomber, Storm Cannon, Raging Wolf,  

· Strategy and game play help available upon request.  Ability to test your skills and get ideas about various Units, Items, Spells, base design, etc. by attacking fellow Alliance Members without risk to yourself or fellow Members of losing gold, trophies, or medals.

· General positions available

· All Members (not just Generals) are encouraged to Champion during wars if needed for more skulls, chests, and help the Alliance!

We reserve the right to NOT accept new Members DURING a war season to be fair to the new Member.  You may apply and we will review after war season is over.

King Stan the Man (General)

Krma (Leader)

?? well said Stan ?, as a member of TDWL the Leadership here has always given great advice, solid small Group, Leadership is very commited.  Good alliance, Good people?gives US A TRY?

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