The Davidians alliance is building a strong and friendly team

The Davidians


Dear Royal Revolt 2 player, 

I like to introduce you to our Alliance,  The Davidians , a fun, friendly and team-oriented group of players who are looking for similar players. We have a great core group and we are all about helping other players as much as we can.

Are you an active player, looking for an Alliance to win in wars and be active in every event? If the answer is yes, then this is the right place for you!


Our requirements are:

* Active and dedicated participation at Wars and Events.

* 2.000 Trophies and 50k daily Donations minimum.

* Be fair and respect each other.

* If you can not fight for some reason, just give us a heads up in advance.


Current stats of the group (20 active players, 17 free seats)

* Alliance level: 32.
* Won fiefdoms: 25.
* Gold boost: 21%.
* Position: 1003 (as of 11/12/2017, only 20 players) ; objective : around 300 (with 37 players).
* Permanent Boosts: Storm Cannon. Extra Boosts during wars.

* Awakened Beasts: Savage Tammy (lvl1 92/100), Twisted Archimedes (lvl 2), Primal Howl (lvl1 70/100)
* Spoken languages : French and English ; a bit of Spanish.

To apply to The Davidians, please send us a friend request to: Lord Mikepower (Leader) or Myrthyzian (General). We are looking forward to welcome you in our team!




Are you connected to the Waco group of the same name?