The defence with gargoyle and gargoyle's towers - problem

Many people from my alliance (me too)  observe when we play against player  - who have war boost and conquest boost: gargoyle and gargoyle’s towers - game is very slow and sometimes i can’t press any button in game i.e. spell, scream, unit.

Hi JaDwacztery,

Thanks for telling us. Could you give us some more information please? What kind of devices do you and your alliance members use and on what iOS/Android/Windows version are the devices running?

I play on smarthpone Huawei P9 (Model EVA - L09). And I use i.e. spell: Heal, shield and pal flute; units: palladyn, ogr, wolf and pal: ceres

I face the same issue in dungeons like A dungeon which have Gargoyle tower (boosted) or full wave of Gargoyles

Game gets a little unresponsive for spells and troops