The developers time to fix bugs! Double standards?

If in Alliance there is Phoebe beast - 95% of participants use it in defense! Where is this variety considering phoebe? I’m not going to give you a description of why. Everyone knows. Enough only use armageddons with range 10.

You’re reducing our attacking ability and increase protection. You can understand. People have spent gems to upgrade and now have to spend on the passage. And you hope for additional expenses of players.

Probably for this reason, the balance of the protection you do not care!

You say you balance and create diversity. I see this as the only justification for their actions, not the overall concept of the game!

Almost all protection use Necromancer! Is that okay? There is no imbalance? Is that right?

So what about diversity in defense? Need a qualified response.

P.S.: I do not need to advise than to kill Phoebe. I am only interested in the balance of the game.

I agree, it’s very frustrating to face mainly necroes in defense. I haven’t faced any Phoebe’s but I’m sure there are more of them in higher alliances. You’re correct that there are still some imbalances that need balancing. I just hope that they balance Phoebe, he’s way to OP right now

I need an official answer! Will you correct this imbalance?

If you refuse to correct the imbalance with Phoebe beast give a guarantee that at least a year of nerf the Phoebe beast will not.

There is a clear imbalance and I do not want to spend money and accumulated resources! Phoebe beast is in defense as Ceres is in Attack!

And why the pet at 20K is much stronger than the other for 25K and 150K?

Will we correct the imbalance or will we live with the imbalance? How long will it last? Need guarantees and stability, that perhaps you provide not you can. It’s  good for you, is it?

What trophy range aee you? 

What kind of alliances are you facing? 


I usually hang around 5000 trophies. Every alliance has Phoebe but only a minority of players chose Phoebe as the beast. 


Seems to me that Phoebe beast (at least right now) is only a problem for low-mid level players from low-mid level alliances. 

In higher trophy ranges (+4500) Phoebe beast is not a problem. 

The top alliances tend to use a high level or max Wolf.

The problem here is that developers in Flare don’t do really balancing, but jumping. They introduce something that gives advantage somehow to the attack, next update to the defense and so on. They jump above and below the “perfect balancing line”.

I am pretty sure that, if there was a common combo working for 99% of the bases in the previous version, there will be soon a common base working against 99% of players in this release.

low-mid lvl players and alliances are majority of the game, top doesnt count, p2w buying packages with pals too.

In every other alliance if they have phoebe it is in almost all defenses.

And if you want to compare beasts then compare lvl 1 howl to lvl 1 phoebe not instead max lvl howl vs low lvl phoebe.


I don’t consider myself top. I only bought the daily gems, never bought any other pack or gem pack.

My defense is only forged +20/+25 on average. No p2w here. 

I did spend 1 year and a half playing every day though. 


I agree with your lvl 1 beast vs lvl1 beast comparison, but it is not a realistic one. 

Most top100 alliances already have at least lvl3-4 Howl. Is that weaker than a lvl1 Phoebe? I doubt it. 


 I could compare lvl1 Phoebe against lvl 5 Howl, or lvl2 Phoebe against lvl 6 Howl and I still think Howl was stronger in both cases.

My alliance have howl lvl 4 (close to lvl 5) and still its not worth putting him into defense. Im lvl 106 and howl has 72k hp as my beast.

I’m only at 4k, but one of the weakest players in my alliance, which is ranked in the top 50. Would you consider that a “mid level” alliance? Because from what I’ve seen in wars there are far more Phoebes than Howls at this level. Nowhere near a “minority”.

3k - 4k trophies I consider mid tier. These defenses are 1) not fully upgraded, 2) they are barely forged and/or 3) they don’t have the right/enough defense boosts. 

In this range, for example, LTs don’t shoot to the other side. Or most towers are fully upgraded but the obstacles are low level. 

Phoebe is GREAT here. Most players in these trophy range don’t know how to raid properly (they run ahead of their army too much, they rely on spells too much, they don’t protect their army enough) and often use low performing combos (like monk+ogre+Wolf, which is horrible against Phoebe). 


4000-4500 trophies everything starts coming into place. 

I would say 4500-5000 is the start of high tier. Only a minority of players here would chose Phoebe over Howl. 


I used to be in a top10-15 alliance. Only the players with lower trophies used Phoebe. The vast majority of players above 4500 used Howl. 


Ps: a much more relevant thing is that I’m always happy to see that Phoebe is the beast . Phoebe dies pretty fast to a big army. 

The exception to this is if you’re doing a solo raid. You just can’t kill Phoebe with your king alone. 

I haven’t received an official response and don’t see any stability in the game.

I won’t buy Nemesis, it’s not worth the price. I am afraid to take 8 Feba, as there is a clear imbalance compared to the other beasts. Perhaps I have no constructive proposals as this correct, but I need to know you see and acknowledge this mistake or not?

Can developers recognize their mistakes imbalance or confirm that everything is correct and changes will not be long? I can’t choose where to spend the pro crystals, and I can’t give an installation on how to spend the pro crystals to my Alliance.

Why is the official representative does not respond to this complex and global issue? Or prefers not to notice him? Please improve communication directly in this matter.

Hi @Delllux

You are correct that Phoebe needs some adjustments. We have just issued a statement about an upcoming balance change.

Please have a look here:


Thank you.