The DIRE state of Pro Shop and what needs to be absolutely and immediatelly changed about it right now

THREE full months of waiting, or however long it’s been since the last Pro Shop rotation, and you brought items that, at least I personally don’t need, but exactly none of those that I was so dearly waiting for. Do you seriously want me to wait another 3 agonizing months for the next Pro Shop Item rotation now? Even I don’t take you for such silly people.

I have already mentioned the issues with Pro Shop extensively here and outed my disappointment and frustration with the Pro Shop’s item rotation here previously.

It is quite frankly beyond my understand how do you intend to retain people in this game by LENGTHENING item rotation in the pro shop AND NOT INTRODUCING MORE ITEM SLOTS WITHIN IT.

Now we are in a situation where you’ve just released a new and completely overpowered Pro Pal, Nemesis, but also placed him within the Pro Shop, taking 1 item slot away for an item people need very much. Given the EXTREMELY BELATED Phoebe nerf (that pet was very clearly overpowered on release but it took you months to give a crap about that), you now have to even out the playing field, introducing something that will be even more frustrating to face and overpowered than Phoebe - I mean, for that RIDICULOUS price of 150.000 Crystals it just has to be.

This is my final post on this topic, so allow me to reiterate what absolutely needs to happen with the Pro Shop by the end of this month:

  • Pro Shop requires more ITEM SLOTS; there’s easily room for 6 more, you just have to remove that stupid girl from the screen and move the item table slightly to the right side to accomodate that space.
  • Pro Shop’s ITEM ROTATION needs to happen on a monthly basis, once a month, againt either on 30th, 31st of a month or 1st or 2nd of the following month, in alliance with the Monthly Leaderboard reset (more below).
  • Monthly Pro League Leaderboards need to reset either at the end of the month (30th or 31st) or at the very beginning of the next one (1st or 2nd), because it is stupid the way it is done now, where the Monthly Leaderboards suddenly reset in the middle of a month, actively preventing people from planning out their usage of Pro Tickets.
  • Once you add those missing 6 Item Slots, you can add even a 6th Pal to the Pro Shop, ending up with 12 Item slots and 6 Pal slots , making everyone happy. And this is the best distribution because  people need Pro Items MORE than they need Pro Pals. There is also far more useless and crappy Pro Items that nobody wants, which further indicates we need those items to switch fairly often and definitely not once per 3 months. Pro Pals cost way more than Pro Items and there are very few useful ones, meaning they require less Item slots accomodation in the Pro Shop and don’t need to be changed nearly as often as Pro Items do.

You absolutely do not need to artificially increase your CCU by forcing us to wait many more months than necessary by keeping the most desired items away from the Pro Shop away from us. We will still need to gather the exact same number of Crystals as before to get all the Pro Items and Pals that we need, but by expanding the Pro Shop with 6 additional Item Slots, you will in fact ensure a happier playerbase who doesn’t feel like you jerk them around just because you can.

Really? go away

Most people do, yes. I am never talking about the 5% of Whales who’ve already gotten mostly everything they needed from the Pro Shop months ago.

Plus, it’s simple math. You can wear 9 gear pieces, meaning you need 9 Pro Items, whereas you can only use a single Pal at a time. It’s pretty clear which of the two - items or pals - are more desired by most of the playerbase.

Now, since you’ve nothing of value to contribute here, scram.

I agree with u invizzzible

After all, these items are worth shit. I have only 2 pro items.
It is unprofitable to buy items for crystals when they looy that pro chests. - Crystals only for pet.

Same. Who da f*ck need this pro items? I never bought even 1. I got like 5-6 in the chests and using only 2 of them.

all crystalls for pals

a limited re-roll feature would be interesting, like 1 or 2 re-rolls for every pro-shop update.
not enough to make pro-items too easy to get but also not so frustating like it is currently. the waiting is too long and pro-shop is basically the only way to get pro-items cause pro-chests are just pearls and pal food lately

There is no problem even if Flare exchanges pro shop items weekly.

Especially let me introduce good equipment. It is very convenient if there is this.

・Zelos Ring (This is the only item with Bomb Kick Aura. The effect is wonderful.)

・Apollon Pauldrons (Pauldron has a farmer’s boost only two items.Puffy Pauldrons and Apollon Pauldrons)

People who have not joined the alliance.
A person who can not play professional league enough to donate pro pals.

Many people are playing in various situations here.

I donate  pro Pal, but it does not matter… Even if the pro shop exchanges equipments weekly.

Flare, If Menesis could not sell for a long time? let’s try  price down  like Phoebe.

If the user gets tired of waiting, Most of them will leave without saying anything. It is important not to get tired. Of course it is the same for every user.

Selfish players use crystals for items, team players use them for PALS to donate to the alliance ?

Sorry, I do not agree here.

As much as I loved my teammates to collect for Phoebe, they should also be able to buy good Items for themselves. Right now, there are not enough interesting items in the shop. I agree to @AzureKnight we need a bigger Pro-Shop and more rotation.

Why only collect for Pals? Many people have what they need. A Phoebe level 2 is only a few percent stronger than Phoebe level 1. So why bother collecting more than 25? If you want to collect Nemesis the classic way, you need 300k crystals to donate one. Impossible for a single player in the forseeable future, and it implies there will not be any other interesting Pals or Items to spend Crystals on.

Assuming there will not be some kind of group funding with the new part of the game, it seems Flare has taken the lazy way with Nemesis to keep us busy playing while not giving us more new things. Very sad in my opinion. I like to see interesting new Pro Items instead. Motivation to play PL will also be higher with this other then to spend months playing for an overpriced Pro-Pal.


Is it ok to use on self if you are not in alliance?

Now that’s a flawed fallacy. You are being selfish to your Alliance if you don’t equip yourself in Pro Items first, because then you progress slower, earn less gold, less medals and have lower luck, which all directly translate to your ability to upgrade your base and make it stronger, the ability to attack stronger bases as well as your overall War performance.

It is the logical thing to do; equip yourself first before you start pumping those Crystals into Pro Pals for your Alliance’s defense and they get nerfed in no time - just look at Phoebe, that shit was overpowered for far too long, and while it’s always been fairly easy to kill quickly with Archers, I still do not understand why only Phoebe, of all the Pro Pals, is able to cast its Healing ability like 4 times as often as any other Pro Pal can cast their own ability by comparison. That is still very much a questionable decision by Flare and a balance concern.

Your Alliane is only as strong as the sum of all the idividuals in it.

Pro shop offers no items worth buying. You get items from Pro chests, Thats fine for me. I dont lvl up my king, i Can be in top of the scoreboard fine without ?


Which Scoreboard? ?

Of course you do not have to buy PL Items. Especially if you are still growing in hero level they might be outdated soon.

But for me, some Items offer unique combinations which can be interesting to fine-tune the different gears. Also Pro-Items have better stats than normal ones. So, yes, why not have them? More choice is better, no need to argue here.

Skulls ?

Forging Pro-Items into Skull Items usually gives you a much better starting value compared to other skullitems.

So unless you are already at a very high skull value it might be worth trying to reforge them.

My ring (bomb kick aura), belt and cape are all pro-item with high skull. I can confirm that they are the best to forge for skull.

Uh-oh, language :lol:

To comment here, I do agree with almost all of these comments, but with some of them, only bits. It’s bad that the shop hasn’t rotated in this long, but it should be up for around 8 weeks, in order for a player, who doesn’t use gems on the PL, to gather an average 10k crystals which can buy some good items, or pal. It is not selfish to use Pro Crystals on items, and exactly for the reasons that AzureKnight pointed out. Sure, it is more helpful for the alliance to use them on getting pals, but the alliance is better off if you buy items, get skull bonus, gold bonus, etc. So that you can upgrade your base to make it stronger and to also get more skulls in wars. A much quicker and effective way of helping out the alliance

i think we dnt talk about low or middle alliances and same players. For them yes - selfish is a way

For Flare everyone is a customer. Flare should respond to the needs of all layers.

All the allied leaders are also customers. Why easily forget about them?Do you forget about the leader you left behind?

All leaders for all members. Everything from donation, pal, management and war game… Leaders think to align everything to the maximum.

Which leader can you wish for yourself and members to become stronger? This is also all. There is no exception.

Top allied players should be stronger.
Middle and lower alliance players should be stronger too.

Users should not disturb each other. Is it necessary? There is not it.

The user here is a hen that gives birth to a golden egg more or less every day.This is important of free online game,

 is not it? So if you want to play this game for a long time, let’s  …  :slight_smile:  have fun with everyone.

To be thriving RR2.   This is a defense game we loved …