The Divine Knights (Recruiting)!!

Hi guys, I have a new Alliance, only a few days old. I have invested a fair deal of money and effort to get it up and running.

In 2 days, we have reached level 14 and are currently ranked 3,213 on the leaderboard. We can hold up to 19 members, and currently have 11 members. We are a Apply To Join, and we only recruit those understandable in English, purely because of the language barrier. I am the leader, and my girlfriend is a General. I do have a few spots left for promotion, but I will only promote those that are dedicated to the Alliance, show loyalty and respect.

I myself have donated over 11 million already, and few of my members have donated over 20K. Which is fantastic for 2 days.

If anyone is interested, please don’t hesitate to send me a friendship request in-game. Or simply swing a reply on here, please do try to make contact before applying for a position, as there are not many positions currently left… Those who put in a little effort will be the ones accepted.

Thanks guys.