Good morning, I inform you of what happened in my alliance. First of all, thank you for creating the sergeant degree. Well, the following happened to me as leader of alliance … In the war of conquest, we were the first, receiving double chests, but the problem comes with 3 members who joined the alliance before the conquest began. When we won the chests, at the end … because those 3 members left the alliance taking with them the pets that they should donate to the beast. It is very difficult to release the first beast and it seems that a few smart, are dedicated to collect pets in alliances, then join their previous alliances and donate them, losing those pets. It is clear that it is a part of the extrategia of a warrior who comes as an enemy, making us believe that he remains in the alliance, but perhaps it is something quite dirty that could be solved. It would be nice if the pets won in chests of any member, would automatically stop the beast of the alliance, without needing to be checking, because then not all of them donate these pets (companions). That’s all friends, take care and thank you.