The Elemental Ninjas

Our alliance is in the top 120 you must donate have at least 2000 trophies and respect each other and there is one free spot right now so first come first served

i have 2666 trophies and always donate and just send a request to join


#silent but deadly, you wont see it coming hehehe

Hey hey! I was in the alliance and i want to reenter!!!


2100 trophies aruond, alliance tower liv 5!

Nemesis we never forgot about you

Wow… i’ve been kicked again… then reinvited… then the alliance was full. So now i’m out… good job Elemental Ninjas!!! (ironic)

It’s not over yet… they reinvited me again and… it’s full again!!!

I guess, then, just search for an alliance that doesn’t do that kind of stuff to its members. Let the ninjas be ninjas and just ignore their presence :grinning:

well he is a ninja just tricking you fools(not really) to get Intel on something top secret

Maybe they were testing my motivation… i’m in again, hope forever :wink:

Exactly, yah lets go with that, totally, we planned that all along :grinning:

Don’t even think about stealing one of our ninjas Vishal Sharma :angry:

Anyone who wishes to join the Elemental Ninjas must follow these rules

You must be over 2400 trophies

You must donate daily

You must be kind and respect all the other members

You must be active so we can grow the alliance faster

And lastly please private message me so we can talk about you joining the alliance

3 free slots to anyone who follows those rules.I look forward to getting to know you in the alliance!

The elemental ninjas have leveled up and has a free slot, anyone who wishes to join please pm me, we look forward to having you in our alliance.

An extra rule to the ninja scroll: you can’t leave the alliance uncalled for

The elemental ninjas are close to leveling up, if you wish to join please pm directly to me to plan your arrival as a ninja, if no one pms me…just pm me, Its been a long time someone has just to talk, I’m lonely in the world km pming


The elemental ninjas are in a crisis, 6 members of our alliance have left in less than a day, anyone who wants to join please pm me

I can say cause i’m in… it’s an ACTIVE alliance, trust me.


Now we are not in top 100 cause of these members left, we need new members to join and we’ll immediately raise again to the top 100 as we’ve been before!


By the way… actually we have a gold boost of 22% and the alliance is level 18! Growing continuosly. 6 free slots! (and this means 2100*6 = 12600 trophies at least!)


The requirements to join us are 2100 trophies and an alliance tower liv 5. Join us! You won’t regret!

And 800 more trophies to get an extra +20 to our gold boost