The end is nigh!

Years of not listening to the community and still not having anybody from Flare with knowledge to judge and pick up whats really important to players are taking its toll (Sorry Flotha and Madlen).

  • Old wars and other improvements to the game not implemented despite of great public demand
  • Conquest mode mostly a desaster, low trust from players it can be fixed at all
  • Bug fixing takes very long (e.g. Ads), often hard to know what is being worked on due to missing information from the Devs
  • Events and Festivals in many cases not being set any more during times where they make sense or help players to use them to their advantage
  • Forum overcensored (excessive thread lockings and banning of unwanted opinions). Forum can not be easily navigated any more due to too many subcategories
  • Not enough support for low and mid level Alliances, recent changes even widened the gap to Top-Alliances. Impossible now to grow a decent new Alliance from the start without heavy spending.
  • Many, many players leaving due to frustration (no more fun, harsh balancing changes) and too stressful game mechanisms

This is all known. I wrote it down because sometimes it is necessary to give a summary of the current state. It puts things into perspective. ?

Hello MagischerKönig,

Thanks for your feedback. I am also seeing issues with how the community has been neglected and that we need to work hard to improve the game. Now as you know I am only one month here. I am giving already as much information as I can and I am trying to influence game decisions with the opinion of the community in my ear. I have already collected a lot of feedback and forwarded it. I really did and I am trying to help. Even though I am not playing the game since many years, I can understand where all the game-related concerns are coming from and I am taking your concerns seriously. I think if we could fix everything overnight we would. We are only a small team making this game. This is not an excuse, I just want to put things into perspective. With not many coders it is not possible to fix things as fast as we would like to and give out new features. We have some events coming up soon, which I think will be to everybody’s liking. I cannot communicate about it more at this moment now. I know that I have joined the game in a bad timing when the community was already frustrated with the past and I have to establish new processes now to set up better workflows and for internal and external communication. I have already implemented the Dev Q&A with the first results in approx. 2 weeks), I am trying to get back on improvement suggestion as best as I can (atm, unfortunately, some key people are sick, so I have to wait when they are back in the office), I am giving feedback on important bugs, and I tried to inform you on upcoming balancing changes and new update changes, even with an opportunity to influence the decision. There were mistakes made in the past, and I can only apologize for it. We really respect you and the other players, that are enjoying the game and only want the best for it. You are the spine (hope this is the correct word) of our game.

However, I would have preferred if you could give such feedback without breaking the forum rules.  - You are name-shaming staff - your headline is purposely inflammatory - you are discussing staff actions (banning)

And again this forum is not censored, in terms of me not accepting negative opinions. If you have a look at the threads there are many of them (which is concerning, I know and I am working on it). However, it is all a matter of tone and manners.  And I have to establish this as well. I know the frustration in the community is high atm and it is a balancing act to do so, but I think we can all work on this together with this.

Thank you.

I don’t understand why they have added the conquest to the game, instead of just listening what the community wanted, which was am improved war with new rewards, different boosts and so on. The other day I was playing a sports game on the PS4, what I saw next made me go “*****”. There was also a conquest mode in it. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Guess fg just followed the trend. A bad trend I might add. The conquest won’t revive the game, it kills it more than it helps

Over 100 wars and we are still fighting for the same boosts over and over again. Unbelievable. Instead of improving that, they keep try to improve that crappy conquest mode. But ofc they can’t remove that more anymore, since many have spend a lot to upgrade conquest buildings. Just a very bad update, which disappointed many people, including myself

And btw, I saw that the next conquest starts in 20 days…