The Eternal Griffin (Fusion Time)

i know a lots of you want to be leader of a alliance but the dead states of this game don’t allow this anymore.  2 years ago yes but not anymore.Like in RR2. Not enough players to do it anymore. I have deleted my alliance The Griffin Shield because don’t have work over 8 month+

I wanted to join a active alliance this morning but no name attract me they are all ugly and horrible and all name are boring and don’t make any sense. So I have create a brand new one with awesome name this time : The Eternal Griffin ( The Mighty Griffin was not possible name in use)

this time I will not invest time to post screenshot or improve of my alliance. Maybe later if needed

This time I ask everyone who have create a new alliance recently or are alone to delete their alliance and join my alliance. With my experience. 2 years in this game. I can help you all

Fusion is necessary. So everyone who read this and are in a alliance totally empty or half empty. Please ask your leader to delete his alliance and fusion with me. Together with can form a active alliance full of 50+ players

My alliance is open so delete your alliance and join me. For now the alliance is level 5 and have 9 places. tomorrow will up at level 6 or 7

Thank you


I see a lots of alone alliance with no boost and nothing. So concider delete your alliance and join me

4 boost activated for now for 2 days or around. i will prolong them if you give me the gold and join me. Thanks

I will try to accumulte the gems for up my donation at 250k


why do not you join blood`n’Honor, we are a level 32 alliance and we need experienced people like you, to grow and climb the top


Great thank you to join me. Like i did with the new players. I give advise to everyone who need it. So if you are a new players. Join me and I will help you grow. Like the last time. I have actually 6 active boosts. Some are prolonged for 3 days

3 members still to come before able to do the first War Season. So if you are in a dead alliance or a alliance who do nothing or you are a new players come join me. Together we will have fun

Here a free gift to help you gain Titan Chests : Enter this code to add me : DGECBDNKD (hurry the code change often)

If some of you don’t know where to go. The Eternal Griffin its the best place to go. You will not find any better place to start. I will give you all info you need. Come join

4 to go for Wars. Let’s go!!! Go!! Go!! Go

1 person have join yesterday but wanted to do War so he leave for a another alliance he will return later after the War. Still 5/12. Still 3 more people for the next Wars next week. If you are interested please join me. Remember fusion its always a good idea. So if you have start one who are in a dead one. Join me. Thank you

Ok I will help you take the decision

What I offer the others don’t offer?

Simple when I see some join me and leave for worst maybe its because you don’t have understand well all that I can offer you? Let’s me explain then


I play since October 2016. I have create The Griffin Warrior alliance and bring my alliance to success for month and win several time Rank 1 with boost. However my alliance don’t have survive long. lack of activity. New player who don’t wanted to improve their donation. Majority have stop playing. After i got some problem with version 3.8.0 I think with my previous slow internet who have make my Microsoft Store buggy and I was 2 weeks without able to play. When I have return in the game. My alliance was full again 22/22 at level 16. Again I bring everyone to success and goal Rank 1 with War Boost until in January 2018 when many person have attacked me personal and have harass me in my life non stop on the forum. So I am forced to stop playing OR and all others and deleted my account on Youtube and all

My previous account and video I have make was before Odyssey or a little after. So all Monster islands was out to date anyway like on Youtube today with 2 years old video without the enhancement. Those video don’t help anyone anymore. So someone have convince me to come back and rebuild all. So i have created once again a brand new account in RR2 and OR and slowly I rebuild my video

However the dead states of all Flare game make my Youtube Channel well I don’t have the success I have in the past with over 20k views per video. I struggle at 0-10 views and that don’t work well but I will continue to upload my video same if my Youtube don’t have the same success. I did for everyone who need it

So i can say I am a 2 years and half player of OR. So when I say new player should come to join me its because contrary of the others who don’t have any experience and decided to be founder with no knowledge and a dead alliance. I can align you and give information and what to do and more. I am the person who can help you grow and become stronger


I feel really sad when i see player leave my alliance with 6 boost or more for 3 days for a alliance worst than mine with 0 boost and more dead. What the goal? you punish yourself for doing this. Concider join me for the better experience. I will give you what you want. If you help me with donation and all. I can help you grow

3.Youtuber and a Veteran for Founder

You have a chance to have a person like me who can help you. So please take it. Take this chance.


I can up my donation at 250k but i cannot do it alone. When I see new players come and stay at 1k you will not help the founder and the alliance. You punish him. whatever the alliance you will joins if your donation is too much low. You will not help your founder to grow or help you

Hall of Uranus is the priority if you want to join a alliance. Each 10 level you can improve your donations.

If I remember well

10 : 2K

20 : 5K

30 : 10K

40 : 25K

50 : 50k

60 : 75K

70 : 100k

80 : 150k

90 : 250k

100 : 300k

110 : 350k

120 : 400k


other alliance will ask to be 100% active all the time. If you join me. I don’t care you are not active outside the War everyone have their life and are busy I understand but I demand during the War to be active and do all fight and help the alliance dominate the others and win Rank 1

its up to you to do the right choice or not. I cannot force you.

Hope to see more player join me soon. Wait for you… Thanks

PS : If you want some advice for War Season or how that work or other advise please read the topic The Griffin Warrior. There I have write a lots of advise for new players and at same time see what I have do with my previous alliance

Awesome back on track. Everyone who want to do the next War. Join me. Thanks. 5 place left

1 place left. After the War I will up the Alliance to make more place available. If you want to do the War hurry 1 place free

Hi Warrior

King’ T rex let’s me know he would like to return to your alliance.

Any chance to let him back in?

No problem. I will up the alliance and he will be able to come

Edit : its done I up the alliance level 10 for one more place and I invite him. So at the moment he is online. just need to accept

Yeah we got the Silver Emblem. Full at this moment. I will upgrade the alliance only at the next War to obtain the free Minotaur Boost. So at the moment I have a free spot I will let’s you know

1 spot free and another spot free when the preparation phase will begin

Hey man, I have quit this game for over a year now but I do want to play when I have the time. I cannot promise to play every day though. I have work during the day and I take care of my 5 month old son during the night. I have joined the alliance a few minutes ago. IGN is Doomsday. Cheers.

I like to share the result after each War to give a idea of the new player. So here the result of the last one :

Slowly we up in the top of the League of Mortals

Look at this ? wonderful Gold Emblem.

If you search a active alliance. We are. My donation will up soon at the moment i have a free worker and one of my member have a Hall of Uranus on the go. So the donation will up more faster really soon

For now 1 place is free. Soon I will upgrade for additional place

PS : During War I boost all during The War. No boost outside the War

Good news. We have decided to up this alliance to level 15. So 4 place free.

Edit : Forget to mention we boost during War and during Odyssey but nothing during Off event Not enough donation for permanent boost. Maybe later. We still grow

Admire your enthusiasm!!

Keep up the good work??

Screenshot (264).jpg

We grow faster. Level 16

We do now 1.1 Million/per day. So we have started to boosts permanent

New players who start the game are really welcome. However I’m lookin more for some players with high donation : 50k+

At this step 1k-10k are not totally enough. So if you have over 2K trophy and have at least 50k. Come in

If you come then enjoy and have fun

The goal to achieve in the week to come :

  • Unlock Level 18 to unlock all boost

  • Gain 2 Million/day

  • Boost all of them for 3 days+

So if you have what it take to achieve those goals. come in. I will welcome you with pleasure

Come on. I know somewhere there is dead alliance and player who are in a dead alliance. Come on! join me. 2 days before the next Wars. 4 place to go

Just to inform you. The alliance is now closed during War. just to avoid someone come in middle.  I will open it after the War. See you in 3 days. So if you want to join you must wait the end of War. Sorry.