The Eternal Griffin

Hey everyone - We at the The Eternal Griffin are looking for active players. We are a self made alliance - have risen out of the muck of Mortals league and are currently in the League of Warriors. We are slated to be moved into the League of Heroes once this season wraps up!

We are a international english speaking alliance looking for active players (ascension 70 or so) who donate daily and thrive in the chaos of battle!

We currently have 6 active full time blessings - 1 full time war blessing (and during wars we activate all blessings). With your help we could activate all blessings! We ask all of our members to have 75k daily donations.

After the seasonal break + forum & game updates, and just plain bad luck - we have several slots to fill. If you’re languishing in a mortal / warrior league alliance - STOP! Merge with us! We have a scrappy core of players, a brilliant general, structured leadership & policies.

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