The Extra invocation of Cronos is too expensive!

Extra invocations cost gems.

I find the Piroforo indispensable when I arrive at the gate and I have to throw it down quickly and the invocation of Cronus when the time is running out. I willingly spend 6 gems for the Piroforo because it is powerful and destructive (I understood that its power depends on the level to which it is, but luckily I have it at most and then it works well). Every time I use Crono, I get angry: it lasts too little !!! Costs too much! Slow down by 80% for 6.7 seconds. This means that my actions last 33.5 seconds in real time when everything is slowed down (but it is not so because my powers do not accelerate); It can mean that you add 5.36 seconds to the general time I have available to complete my raid (they pass immediately). 15 gems for Chrono. TOO MUCH! Please lower the price of Chrono and even the charging time (infinite) because it's not all this great power ...



I hope I have done the calculations correctly ?

really its so pricey

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Its game changing and more powerful that the other invos.

I use it all the time on Odysseys with weak heroes. If you time it correctly, and also have Pyrphoros and maybe Frenzy, you can get out most situations.

I love it. Price is right. I dont like the price, but it is fair.