The festival is too hard again!

The festival is too hard again!

I can handle battles that provides 300 - 350 medals. Each battle in the festival provides 700-900 (that’s double, triple) medals and I get killed before I even reach a half way of the map.
Don’t tell me to lose my hard earned trophies. Some people will lose them on purpose on various reasons, but I would like to keep it up. 

I seem to notice the defense howl happens way more often than the offense howl anyone else experience this? Seems like every werewolf howls immediately in defense but on offense doesn’t matter how may werewolves I spawn I only get the howl boost once or twice throughout an entire raid. Seems strange and I know that will make a defense seem much stronger than it normally would be.

You know what you have to do.

You don’t want to do it.

That’s fine, but then you need to deal with the consequences.

I know the answer here is lose trophies what I’m curious about is if the festivals are purposefully that much harder than every day opponents in your own trophy range. Pretty much every other event or day to day is not near as difficult as these special festivals and it seems most of that revolves around just the festivals matching people up much higher than normal. I’m also still curious about wolf howl specifically during festivals and only on defense?

All you have to do is drop trophies, but I agree, the festival attacks shouldn’t be the same difficulty (I’m at nearly 3800) as facing a 4200 trophy base! You shouldn’t have to drop trophies to get easier attacks in the festival, when you do just fine in normal attacks in that trophy range

That’s what I’m trying to get at my normal trophy range is probably 4100-4500 depending on if we are running extra boosts (war, conquest etc.) I can typically attack in the 250-400 medal range without scrolling and anything over that I typically have to use at least 1 time warp and will die sometimes if I mess up. The festivals as I understand them are supposed to match you against bases in your trophy range yet I seem to only be matched against full boosted tower and troop bases that are giving anywhere from 600-1k+ medals. Doesn’t make sense that I should be dropping trophies for 1 event.

Same difficulty as if you pressed the matchmaker-button.

Sure, you can go the easy way by searching for enemies in the leaderboard for normal raids …

Edit: For sure they will present you some hard opponents if you use matchmaker as they want you to spend gems to win - its business, they need to earn money. Nothing to complain about.

Hi there, moving this to general discussion - events.

I don’t think they are “that much harder”, but I’ve always felt the bases you get in the festival are from players about 200-400 trophies above you.

So if you’re not used to facing them OR if you skip a lot in the regular random matchmaker (avoiding defenses with certain boosts) then  you will definately feel that festivals are harder.

I agree I think that seems pretty fair, it just seems the random generator doesn’t always generate fully boosted bases or maybe the festival generates them at a higher %. Trying to tackle bases 200-400 above “normal” trophy range is also no small feat. I may see a few 200 above but rarely 400 above, and of course if I see they are more difficult I skip unless I need gold for some reason and they have alot. Day 1 always seems to be the hardest also for some reason then it eases off.

You should have fun during Festival. you should not care about win or lose. Just collect gold with extra Gold Gear and upgrade your stuffs. I like it like that. If you lose then you lose not the end of the world. I like have challenge. We repeat each time during a event. If someone don’t like that then don’t participate. 

It isn’t difficult at all. It’s just that every now and then you’ll draw an impossible map - a side effect of trophy dumping by strong players, whom those maps are copied from. Dropping a tier or two yourself doesn’t prevent those, you can find “those guys” everywhere, though it helps the overall difficulty.

This is what I don’t like about festivals, the difficulty is all over the place.

I think about 2/3 of the boards I faced had Celestial Phoebe.  Not unbeatable, but some boards put me in my place!


Yes, this festival was hard . 

(We can say) 

But not every raid was . 

Some were very easy and some were very hard.

So, if we are good players, this was normal .