The fight menu/setup of a battle

What can be set in the setup for combat?

First, you need to know that there are 3 areas in this important screen:

A Equipment setup and navigation
B Opponent screen
C Combat settings

A1) Heroes setup  all the items you use are pulled out of the inventory and you can see your selected PAL

A2) Pal selection
The Pal can be selected, selected Pal has a hook

A3) back to the player search

A4) Close Battlescreen

B) Opponent screen

B1) Which league has the opponent already won?
You can see it by the stars.

B2) Hero display of opponent, rank, player level and alliance level are interesting.
Good to know: you can see the opponent dressed with the last set, the items, and his pa
B3) Trophies of the opponent, the higher the trophies the stronger the opponent
B4) Maximum Rewards at 100% Raid: Gold, Trophies, League Points

B5) way layout of the opponent, yellow points are unrepeated buildings, purple are boosted
you see also the defence unit and the beast in the left corner, press (i) for Info

B6) enemy units, sorted by frequency, boosted units are purple

B7) enemy buildings sorted by frequency, boosted buildings are purple

B8) new random opponent costs gold

B9) Attack costs and food what is needed (variable depending on items)

C) Combat Settings - most important settings in the menu

C1) Event troops setup

Event troops can be won or bought.

C2) Scrolls Setup

C3) Guardian setup

C4) Spell Setup

C5) Units Setup

C6) Selection of hero setup A - F

quick change of the Hero A1 and Pal Setup A2

Hi Jesper! Thanks for sharing this guide! :slight_smile:

I don’t use C6.

try it its really a nice function

I never used C, D, and so on setups. In setup B, I still have those items at the begin of the game. In setup A, I have only unique super items (most of them are at level 130) and pro items (all them are at level 130). If I change an item, it’s only in setup A. I use A1 instead of C6.

It’s very useful to have different sets of Gears. For instance: Normal Attack Gear (A), Skull Boost Gear (B), Gold/Luck Boost Gear ©, XP Boost Gear (D)

I think what he means is he don’t use it in Combat Settings. I don’t use C6 too. I change my gears at my kingdoms before to go in combat. So I think a lots don’t use C6 but use A,B,C,D in kingdoms. Majority use A1. C6 is useless. I have never find it useful. Waste of space for nothing. Better remove it and use this space for Pal icon or else

On the contrary, C6 is very useful, especially in places like the Conquest Map where you can’t access your king from the battle setup. C6 allows you to easily switch your hero to the one you want without any hassle!

Dude please no :slight_smile: many of us use it extensively, C6 is great A,B,C,D saves a lot of time for me, during war conquest D is my skull gear, A is my blizzard gear, B is my daily gear, C is my test gear. I don’t have to go through so many tabs to change pals, guardians, especially gear most times. Try it you may like it ?.

Imagine you have to complete a battle in conquest where the skull count is very close (we saved our resource tower this conquest in few seconds), all the time remaining is less than 3 minutes, and you are not in skull gear, going through tabs and changing gears takes at-least 30-40 sec, plus the battle loading etc. Those times C6 is a boon.

Since I don’t use scrolls, for me C2 is not important so if there is a feature to just hide it away it would be real nice especially in the battle screen too as I don’t wanna accidentally click the scrolls in my small display.

Good post Jesper :slight_smile: .

I now add a second advantage to C6’s set selection:

1.) fast set selection

2.) All items bound in sets A-G can not be melted at the blacksmith, even selling is not possible when they are tied. This does not help getting rid of items … in my early days I sold out items.

Attention: To melt or sell items may not be in a set! (A1)

I understand and agree with your first point but I don’t see how C6 helps with your second point at all

when you got a lot of slots its hard to see what items you want to melt, when they are bound you use it and your list is shorter @ blacksmith

and you can’t sell it when the item is in a set (good sell protection)

The battle screen Wiki is online again :+1:t3: (:point_right:t3: i like the new picture zoom 100% 75% 50%)
i hope it will be a help for all new Player :smiley:

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