The first crown again

When the level goes up, avatars of the same shape as this crown can not be obtained. I would like to get this again somewhere.PNG

Start a new game… and you have it…

There is also such a method, but it is meaningless to the collector who has worked so far.

There is no other way to get it. Save it from the first level even… oops, you cant get it.

Yes, of course, many people will spend without being aware of it.
So I have made this request.
Can you understand? This is a thread that sends ideas and requests, so it is better not to write anything that you do not need to add.

You can still find crowns with that shape, it’s just kinda rare :wink:


Thank you for the screenshot.
I want to get this by all means because shooting will be fun.

I even found Classic Sword yesterday… Then I remembered you asking for the classic crown, and hoped you’d find it in the CoF soon… May you find it soon…

Also, I was thinking that maybe thay should arrange for classic pro gears (pro set for classic gears) with some added perks like leadership bonus, scream boost and others…

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It is an epic item, which is useless for you.
If you really wanna get it, you can go for it…

I saved all 9 original items of the begin of this game in wardrobe B.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe he finds it aesthetically cool to have the crown in the poster.

You can use the vanity feature to look like that without having to use the item. After all, the current festival offers vanity tokens too.


When I used the Vanity Token last time, nothing happened. The game remained as before. Nothing, not even a change from 0 to 0.1 happened. So, I stopped buying it.