The "fix" made it even worse

Since the “fix” i havnt seen a single target giving more than 1 trophy. Even 12 levels above me fully boosted.

But I keep losing so much trophies.   Oh boy what an amazing fix. Wonderful! 

If you gonna Base trophy gain on trophy difference with the target then obviousely the match maker must be based on trophies instead of ascension levels. Or make possible trophy gain based on ascension levels .  Rather obvious isn’t it? Guess not…

i feel ya pain…  man, i still have my heart into the game so im trying to stay positive and i know has be a soultion soon from community response. 

not so weird you get only 1 trophy, they dont have that much left, but if you attack someone with a higher trophy count then  you will get enough trophies!

Most of the people that are higher ranking than me now are lower ascension. So I’ll never see them to take their cups. I used to be round about 200 cups from number 1 spot now it’s more like 3000 cups. And I’m still bleeding cups.  

Shouldn’t we be facing people around the same ranking so stronger bases and attackers will move up and weaker players fall. There also needs a system to cycle different opponents on an islands that were lost to help remove any players to tough to beat (not that it’s being a problem for me or in the new update. Scylla anyone). Say after 24 hours there a refresh opponent button.

Hey Crazy you’re right however in my map there’s no one with high trophy count. In fact, for like several days it’s the same set of people with minus trophy counts appearing on islands (hope he doesn’t mind me using him as example, e.g. Bruce McLaren). These were the high ascencion level players who got hit so bad after the first update. I suspect most of them either quit the game or waiting for a “fix of the fix” before they continue raising their ascencion levels. Thus, I probably get matched with them again and again. Cheers Q

Well then they should make people higher than me appear not people 1000-1500 lower 

So now the new minimum is 3. But how does that help when every damn target is 3? 

I can lose more than 100 in 1 hour. Would take like 33 raids to get that back. That’s just absurd 

Agreed it is absolutely ridiculous at present… I am being punished for progression in this game…