The forgotten dominance

Hi there,

Tough it has been asked, discussed, chewed and being walked around a couple of times, I’m still wondering what we should benefit from dominance as it is.

If you played this game long enough, dominance is stuck at 300k, and from that point, the head of the bull just looks towards the great nothingness itself confused as f*ck…so do I.

It is useless…unless…

  • you could exchange dominance to enhance units, towers, resource production, perks to items, pizza…whatever.

  • prolong celestial boosts

  • can imagine to be able to sum alliance members dominance together to be able to prolong divine blessings (like donate dominance or so…)

  • reduce cost of defensive fleet, or prolong duration of it

I’m just brainstorming here, any ideas are welcome, also curious about what you guys think about that.

@CaptainMorgan, so it’ll get to you as well for sure? 

Continue bloodshed and good hunting everyone???See you guys on the field?


If you bank enough dominance you should get free pizza for your whole alliance on Friday. 

I knew it!! 

Every friday, or just the one that’s coming?

One of the major problem dominance is after reaching 300k,system keep generating it and with recent changes in dominance points requirements for new heroes has made it even more obsolete.

Come on 100k dominance points for Athena?( @CaptainMorgan decreasing dominance points requirement for all heroes does not equals to faster game play experience for new users.Now they will be more confused with new heroes as they all come with different spells and stat bonuses)

I suggest that extra dominance points can be used upgrading units,spells or structures faster.(could be a life saving feature for new users or for players who have maxed out all heroes but still are stuck around 100 Ascension level :confused:

Or better add new isles in the game that can be used to unlock new units or monster

Or let dominance points can be used to make cursed titan unique chests(I hate to scarify five star titan item plus 10 million gold just to trade a duplicate unique item)

Hi guys,

I have noted down your feedback and will forward it to the devs.

Thanks for your discussion and suggestions :slight_smile:

Hope you are having a lovely day :slight_smile: