The frost trap skin....oh boy

Can Flare Explain To Me The frost trap skin. I mean, seriously? It is litterally just the frost trap, no difference. Was it lazy or just not thought through? Leave a comment below.

Doesn’t look like much change to me either, lol, but the spikes look taller and thicker. And some special design inside the trap…it hurts the eyes to look at lol

According to @ARREBIMBA, this skin brings some kind of animation where the spikes go up and down:

So maybe there’s some cool niche to it? Not sure though.

Yup. And they stop moving if you use stun (or swordrain with stun forged).

Maybe I’m missing something, but there’s nothing special about this effect. The spike traps without the skin already move up and down and don’t move when stunned…have you never noticed that before?

Yup… I never did…

Usually because I try to one shot the spikes, or because the screen is too cluttered, full of units lol

Haha yeah, it’s easier to see when there are spikes on the opposite path :grinning:

Still AwesomestKnightest spikes skins look far better than archer and mummy. Leave arrow tower cause no one uses arrow tower in high tier. 

Flare said in a Q&A that they have plans for the Arrow Tower, so fingers crossed for a massive buff or a new boost.