The future of Q&A

Greetings Mortals,

Now that I am once more active on the forums, do you still want to continue having a monthly roundup of questions which the devs will answer a selection from? Or is it now less necessary since I am available to answer those questions in the relevant threads on the forum anyway.

Make your voices heard!


Captain Morgan


Answering questions quickly gives the community a good impression. We felt abandoned for too long. 

Thank you, CaptainMorgan.

If it’s not making too much work for you, I like having answers compiled in an easy-to-access way. 

_ I check this requests easy and quick, all in one place, this is a good thing. _


It’s better if we have this concentrated here, it’s also become a more direct approach, than opening a new topic. However, we all tend to reply for “known”, or answered questions. My suggestion would either be more moderated (hidden and then shown), or your answers within the forum are transferred here via quote, or copied posts… 

I believe it’s also easier for you, you don’t need to follow everything else, if we all come here, unless it’s a rather “bigger” subject that we debate for pages… which is good to have too.

like said before, i also like the idea of having them collected and use the question thread also for discussion. but maybe there is no need to wait till the end of month before beginning to answer them… but whatever is best for you @CaptainMorgan as long as you try to answer the questions we have :slight_smile:  

The people have spoken. We will continue with the monthly Q&A. I also agree that it is nice to have a way of gathering questions, as it means we can answer them in one go, instead of stopping what we are doing multiple times per week to answer detailed questions.

Thanks for the feedback.