The Future of RR2, how do you feel about it? :)

Well, it seems I reached the point where I am kind of burned out regarding Royal Revolt 2. I hardly log in and raiding became more of an annoyance than fun.

The Alliance update didn’t have any impact on the game so far (at least for me), even though the coming troop/tower boost feature looks nice but again… same old, same old :slight_smile:

I still have the goal of reaching to the top ten and by the time I get there rr2 must be “evolved” when I get there, I can wait :slight_smile:

There’s always something more to achieve.


Right now my top goal is to get all my troops & spells to max & I’m damn close on that one. 

After that I’ll focus on the towers & then on breaking into the top 10. 


In your case, if you got nothing else to upgrade then focus on clearing your base of all the ruins I suppose. Or try to get close to 60% on all top 10 bases.

I’m missing the excitement from earlier in the game. Always leveling up and getting something new then - now it’s only leveling my defense, because offense is already maxed (which makes it harder and less fun because defense gets more and more overpowered).

For me it’s a bit like in PC-/console-games where you can “continue to explore the world” after having completed the campaign - you can continue playing but don’t really know why you should and what’s the goal. Hoped the dungeon would bring it back, but that was a very short fun. Then hoped for alliances, which are nice but I’m already feeling pretty familiar with them. Now hoping for the next update of alliances to bring some excitement back - and probably a new goal with it.

I do hope they’ll add some more dynamic to the alliance, something to do in the context other than just donate and increase alliance size by sheer donation size. Some skill competitions maybe?

I’m convinced that Royal Royal 2 has a lot to offer to us, it is a game that has very few years and I’m sure the staff will offer something extra new features and always something new for us players hardened more and more by wanting to see new things, objects, etc or not? Maybe for a lot of players…

After about 6 months of playing I burned out and didn’t see the value in continuing.  I quit for about 3 months then when I came back saw the monsters and dungeon which added some interest.  I find the alliance feature to be fantastic.  As long as they improve the communication and keep evolving, it will hold my interest.

Playing since April - I think - and still fully motivated. I had some downs where i was Close to quit but recovered after some patches when finally the medal and loot Distribution got fixed.

The alliance update so far is very dissapointing. Yeah i can join an alliance to gain better Gold loots but thats it. On the long run I doubt that i will be motivated if devs are not adding Content such as the dungeons, daily quests, or regular Events. The next update with boosts will be nice and add more value to alliances but its again not really new Content…

Lets see and wait, till now I did not jump onto the alliance “Train”

I commented on another thread about the hold that RR has and it’s the lack of completion that pulls us back time and time again. I’m not bored but I can see it on the horizon, just hope they come out some new, sorry lots of new content…and soon.  I have been looking around for other games but found nothing that captivates me so I still play happily, for now.

Bored? Almost. I used to play a couple hours a day. Now it is attack until food runs out. Then upgrade towers, troops and spells. I appeciate the You Tube videos. Watching those has kept the bordom at bay and gives inspiration on offensive and defensive attacks. Knowing the upgrade for alliance boost are coming helps also.