The game at 103

So instead of bitching about all the issues with this game I decided to just tell everyone what you have to look forward to. The main complaint I see is about how many cups you can get per battle or how many you lose. Well at 103 you only get 3 cups period, unless you drop to 2300 or lower cups and someone like ragde is at 2800  or higher cups, you may get 10 cups the first battle then it drops to 8, 6, 4 and 3. Your defense is maxed out but you can still lose 100’s of cups over a night even if you have attacked constantly the day before to gain them. So you don’t need books anymore so you only seat on ambro and gold islands and attack those who are on high profit islands. You keep your cup total no more than a 100 more than the highest lvl player near you to keep losing to many cups. It’s gets extremely boring because you can only attack elite crew players sense a lot of the high lvl players have joined that alliance, sorry ragde, venessenew, xavierL, hygron, thetus, wayward and the rest of the high lvl players that I keep destroying over and over and over because that’s pretty much all I get. If you wondering why your losing so many cups without gaining gems it’s me. I can’t remember the last time I’ve used gems to beat anyone, so everything is maxed out you can beat anyone with your offense without gems but you can lose 100’s of cups at the same time and you get to attack the same players over and over. So if you think it’s going to get better by becoming a higher lvl player it’s not, the game was more fun at the lower lvls than up here. all you have to look forward to is a very boring game.

This game needs some major content upgrades,  I’ve given up on trophies sense it’s not fun attacking the same elite crew players over and over. Hey, its the games first clan war elite crew against jttn not sure who won or lost.

Need an alliance…

Crabz, thanks but no. The only reason I still play is because of my alliance. Red squad is the only positive thing in this game right now. 

Same boat jttn

dont really care about trophies anymore 

I’m only at 87 and it’s getting very repetitive 

started playing other games and this one is on the sideline now, maybe with update and more content I’ll get back into it

I’m 54 and the boredom is already setting in. This game is great and satisfying at lower levels with all the constant upgrades, hero unlocking, new islands etc. However, the higher you go, the less you have to look forward to. The only motivation is to climb up the trophy ranks. However, it gets a little tiresome after awhile as well.

This game is not designed to keep players playing for long, but it seems to be really good at attracting new players. I have got 3 other coworkers into this game just in the past 2 weeks, and they are all loving it so far.

Hey Jt mate, all i can say is please keep hammering Elite Crew haha. Cheers

I log in and see my islands taken over, a few dozen trophies lost and simply don’t care anymore… What am I suppose to do, take them all back every day to break even in trophies? And you lose more the more you have so you have to fight twice as much to maintain rank. Anyone can be ranked high if they really want I guess it’s how much time you want to put into it. 

I’m going to just level up and wait and see what new updates come along to make it more interesting. Maybe we all overplayed the game already cause I agree it’s getting boring