The game is stuck on the start screen

Hello team, I use a translator, I am French. I downloaded this game but it is stuck on the start screen (black screen with the title of the game).

My computer is equipped with the I7 720Q processor with Nvidia GT240M and 8 GB of RAM. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, deleted the installation files, empty the windows store cache, but nothing works.

The system is with Windows 10 1809. I suspect a problem with VULKAN. Can you help me because I did not start playing :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you.

Exactly the same. The War didn’t start and when you quit and return in game. Disconnection after disconnection and the game is not able to connect. Can you solve this? my members wait for me

once again The War is broken


Same here - cannot connect to server.

Can enter barely but cannot do any strike. On RR2 seem to be the entire Flare server who mess again


Connecting now, can view war map, but unable to initiate strikes. Same for others?

Can we have some clue about how much time will take this to be fixed? because like many i don’t want to miss the start of the War if i do something else. So can be cool if we can know a approximate time. 10 minute? 20 minutes? all day? because if that take over hours I will do something else and stop waiting. 

Edit : My Captain was able to do a strike but of course we see the server is not stable. Lag and struggle. Will wait a confirmation all is fine before enter the game and do any fight

Edit2 : Thanks for the Server Maintenance. Everything should be fine in 3 minutes

Just to let’s you know Olympus Team that the Server Maintenance have fail. Sadly :slightly_frowning_face: impossible to connect into the game right now.

Edit : Solved. Everything back to normal

Hello, as I told you during the first message, I’m stuck on the title screen. I did not play once. I do not understand the problem. The process of the game eos.exe is no response. Who can help me ? Thank you.


@Nabios I just google eos.exe. You have probably in a way program with camera digital or Photo and Graphic tools program name EOS who interfere with Olympus Rising. That why Olympus Rising don’t launch and don’t appear on the list

you should see :

try delete your Photo or Graphic program name EOS and see if that solve the problem. Seem EOS refer to a Canon Digital Camera not sure

If you are unsure what it is follow this : Cortana write msconfig and click on System Configuration

2.Go in Service and click Hide Microsoft services

3.Select them all and click Disable All.

this will remove all wrong program who start when your Windows load. Maybe can fix your problem

In worst case delete the EOS program

Je vois que ton Windows est en Français ah ok. Je vais répété les étape en Français alors

1.Va dans Cortana et écris msconfig et click sur le premier Système de Configuration

2.Va ensuite dans l’onglet Services and click sur cacher les services Microsoft

3.Coche les toutes et ensuite click sur Les désactivé toutes

  1. Redémarre ton ordi

Si sela ne fonctionne pas mais c’est pas méchant de le faire pour réduire les RAM. c’est énutile de laisser autant de processus active de tout façon. T’aide pas ton ordi

Sinon essai de trouver ton programme appelé EOS et supprime le

Sa devrait réglé le problème

Hello Warriornator and thank you for answering me. EOS.EXE is the Windows process of Olympus Rising. So I do not have software that interferes. The game was stuck on this screen. I never played, did not start the game once.

Someone has a solution to this problem ? eos.exe is Olympus Rising. I can’t play :slightly_frowning_face:

Hello, someone can help me ?

They work Monday-Friday. 

Trust me EOS don’t refer to Olympus Rising. Look the screenshot I have take in up in my post. Like each game the process use their name. Exemple if you play Dawn of Steel. The name will display Dawn of Steel. Royal Revolt 2 is gonna Royal Revolt 2. So find the program who interfere name EOS and delete. Its the only way to solve your problem.

If you are stubborn to continue believe EOS is Olympus Rising. I cannot do anything for you. I have give you the solution but if you don’t want to apply it.Sorry


Hello and thank you, at the task manager, details tab, sort by name, eos.exe, right click, open the file location. We come to the installation folder of Olympus Rising, it’s like that for Windows Store games. I work in computer science. I think the problem comes from VULKAN (replacing OPEN GL) because this game is designed with VULKAN. I am blocked.

look please

You got it mixed up with EOS Utility.exe (the Canon camera software).

EOS does refer to OR, and it’s located here:

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\flaregamesGmbH.OlympusRising_4.2.0.0_x64__g0q0z3kw54rap\eos.exe

@Nabios, if you suspect a problem with Vulkan/the graphic card,  you can try to update the driver here:

You can also try to download it from the manufacturer website (Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Sony, etc.).

I do not mix with CANON. The process eos.exe and Olympus Rising. Thank you for your answers. Namely, it is necessary that the graphics card is compatible with VULKAN, for Nvidia from the 600 series, for Intel . So I will not be able to play. Thank you all for your help.

I didn’t say you mixed it up. That reply was intended to Warriornator.  :grinning:

Is your graphic card the GT 240M (which is part of the 200M series)? Why did you mention the 600 series?

Hi Tomaxo. As I understand it, VULKAN is supported with nvidia graphics since series 600 and higher. I have a 200 series graphics card (240M gt), so vulkan is not supported with this card. This game is based on vulkan so this would be the explanation if this game does not work on my computer. I suppose. Thank you for your help.