The Gem Fiasco: why pay so much?



I am speaking on behalf of myself and many other players who find the sheer number of gems required in this game and the prices to buy said gems utterly ridiculous!

I enjoy this game, but we can all agree one of the major problems is the need to purchase gems. Games are made with the intention of  being fun and the fact that your character in game relies on the amount of effort you put in, NOT by how much money you have in real life!


Royal Revolt 2 is a game that forces you (the player) to purchase gems in order to move along in the game and not get left behind. For example: 

  1. To buy armour/ weapons for your king
  2. Alliance tower
  3. Revives 
  4. Scrolls

Then there’s the pricing of the gems we have to buy to get ahead in this game:

  • 500 gems for 5 euros
  • 1050 gems for 10 euros
  • 2500 gems for 20 euros
  • 20000 gems for 100 euros

And how long does 2500 gems last for instance: well you have enough to fill up a max treasure chamber and have enough left for 5 revives. Furthermore, to buy some weapons/armour so you don’t lose/die all the time whilst fighting ranges from 200-600 gems (for me personally). Lastly, the last 4 levels of the alliance tower is 1K, 2K, 4K and 6K gems respectively. 


As you can see the game relies heavily on your income rather than playing the game and as a student, I cannot afford to spend money on games.


There are many ways to change this problem, Flaregames can either:

  1. reduce the price of gems
  2. Stop making the game so gem heavy (make it so we can buy it with coins)
  3. Reduce the number of gems required to buy stuff (e.g don’t make revives cost 15 gems, reduce alliance tower gem requirement by half, weapons at granny shouldn’t exceed 300 gems)

I hope many of you support this and hopefully we can change this game so it isn’t so gem dependant allowing more people to enjoy the game without worrying about going bankrupt! =)

Or how about we start a boycott and stop buying gems and then flare can listen to us for once?

I agree the cost of gems and AT are high, But you can save money by only buying gems when you get a good gem sale.

And remember Flare are a business and need to make money.

I like the idea of boycotting buying gems! I understand the company needs to make money but this is honestly quite ridiculous! I have seen no other game cost this much, I have already spent enough money on this game to buy 2 games on a PS4. 

I agree. Another option is they could have gem events (sales). I have not received a gem sale in months.

•To stop cooldown times

•To remove perks

•To have a retry on Chamber of Fortune

•To buy workers

•To donate extra in an alliance

•To do boosts in an alliance

I knew I missed a lot but damn!!!


Another good idea is if they could allow us to buy gems in game with coins