The Golden Potatoes are recruiting!

The Golden Potatoes is looking for a strong core of players who like to have fun and be involved with their Alliance. We have a strong pro active leader who believes having fun is a good destresser.

Alliance details

The Golden Potatoes         Level 15     Gold Bonus 11% 

Main language is English but we are willing to learn new languages  =)

Our goal is to have boosts running during the wars but need more active, committed players. As the alliance grows, so too will the requirements.

Ideal Requirements

player level - new to 100+ (we’ll help you to learn the ropes)       donation of 5k+    Trophies  500+  ACTIVE players only

Alliance Rules:  3 warnings on donations and if you can’t participate in wars please inform in the alliance chat. 

If you are keen to learn how to progress in Royal Revolt and want to become part of a successful alliance then apply to The Golden Potatoes

Leader - Stincil

generals - Lindle


I cant find your guild…

Do a search under “The Golden Potatoes” it should appear.