The good, the BAD

the good thing is about the new update of the scream boost, i love it, i change my gear for 45% scream boost:)

1-do it increse your speed or it just remove the ice damage, or it do bouth? And if it increse by how much %?

The BAD, food system, whyle other players from germany get 50-100 videos in a day, some players like me get 4-5 videos per day.

So mybe make max farm to 14-15?


And other people that who never get a video because play on PC version…

always german are always coming up in the legue… that’s not fair

I cant win a Diamond, becouse max medalls even when im wininng 600-700 medalls per battle give me 30000k max medalls, and other from germany, do 40k-150k eazely with endless food…

Flar, we pay with our real money for this game, and we pay with love so u can develop this game, but u have to do it fair game for all players.

i won one finally tho i did spend half the winning value to just make a huge gap from the start then just kept it lol but you should see the one im in now if i didnt decide to lose this one t would have been easy they are 21k medals with 20ish min left so gotta find the right opponents too

I won only 1 time in the first position to win 375 gems months ago, this only because i met always people that use tapjoy and other methods to win, instead I have to resign myself every time I join a diamond league for the second position, otherwise i leave it alone and get off to an other league.

And so many times I am so pissed that I give up.


I want a league equal for all !

yes we also hardly winning in the league

Puff. It is a shame, such a nice game but also such an unfair.but remember guys as flare always says “we are on it” …may be one day we all could have a fair game. That’s my biggest dream, mi hope…

Well no really. But yeah it sucks, perhaps if we do not buy more gems flare will take us more into account. As usual all of this is coz flare’s eager of money. When money is viewed as more important than anything else (( almighty dollar)). .l.

are you suggesting a windows players boycott of buying gems in protest?

If i win my diamond league tomorrow that will be my 5th one and i am also a windows user


“boycott” = { to refuse to have dealings with (a person, organization, etc) or refuse to buy (a product) as a protest or means of coercion } 


i did not know the meaning of that, but yeah could be a nice option not only for windows users but also for the entire roryal revolt  community. 

curious whats your main language? and i doubt it would gain ground at all hell i wouldnt want to do it even i like the game and want it fair but i dont even buy that many gems anyways


my main language is Spanish.


and ofcourse i dont wish anything bad for flare since flare has brought one of the most amazing games i´ve ever played. but they promised us free food but when the moment was right flare just said “windows doestn support the necesary software” flare had to be sure about all of this before making promises that could not be accomplish. 

i hv 5 free video max everyday, i keep winning in my diamond league. 

while i understand your frustration as i am a windows player aswell i do believe that they will try to make this right not for everyone

Interested in that, too! If anyone knows more, please let us know! :slight_smile:



Higher max farm level would be nice indeed.


Though, I don’t think that german players just solely own everybody else in terms of video offers in any way.

I’m from Germany, too, and I never had that many offers… a few videos a day is all I get/use in 90%, with some days none at all and some few days where I actually use it more than maybe 3-5 times.

Moreover, I don’t have time all day long and quite often just have full farms without attacking for several hours, especially if I see the current league win is already out of reach, so I definitely don’t have magical endless-raiding powers just because of my nationality…


So, I’d be interested where your claimed knowledge comes from that says “all germans and only germans have much more offers than anyone else in the world” ?

Jona, can u answer about the scream boost??


Well, but it’s always nice to have an enemy that you can blame!

And blaming german players is an especially good choice because Flaregames is a german company and by doing this you can also accuse them of favoring their home market…


(Note: I’m from Germany too.)

You see is weekend and people from flare never work on weekends. Try to wait till Monday.