~The Gorgons~

Wanna start with a new alliance? Wanna work your way up, and learn as you go? If thats the case, ~The Gorgons~ wants YOU to join our forces.

A little about the alliance and myself;
~The Gorgons~ is a freshly started English speaking alliance, working its way up among the (way) bigger alliances.
The alliance is open, so anyone can join by simply searching β€œ~The Gorgons~” and joining, even you fresh players :grinning:
As I myself am new to the game, I would love to have some of you amazing people to play and learn along side with.
Like I said, anyone is free to join (as long as we can communicate in English… since I only know English and Norwegian).

Consider this a (not so personal) personal invite to join ~The Gorgons~

See you soon