The Granny Bomb

Check this out…


What if granny sold us something that could blow up those mountains? I’m thinking one bomb for each side. Sold for like 6000 gems a pop. The hero would then be left with a new larger field to create his path. There would also be left behind huge chunks of the exploded rock that the hero would remove (like runes) for gems. Also, another few gate LV ups would be needed (available only after you have the bomb).


What remains is a field now TWICE the current size in order to make the base of your dreams!


You get fantastic explosions!

All your old towers collecting dust in inventory back in action!

All new tactics and thousands of new and interesting base designs emerge!

Game balance restores itself thru diversity of new avail base options!

You have something to do all winter!

Granny gets rich!

Fluffy bunnys return to RR!


ok fine. no bunnys. Now I’ve gone too far…