The Granny

I thought it only fair to bring the questions from flaregames’ video to here! Note that I only put the questions that could be answered by players

  1. How would you describe the Granny in three words?

Mine are - Old, Crippled, Deceitful

  1. How old do you think the Granny is? 

Old enough to fool some players

  1. Do you think the Granny has a superpower?

Yes, ripping people off with horrendous prices on horrendous items

  1. What would happen if you stole from Granny’s shop?

Nothing, Kaiser is too dumb to do anything, and Granny can’t move, so…yeah, I’ll steal and get away with it :lol: 

  1. Fight one Ogre Granny or 100 Granny sized Ogres?

Much rather fight one Ogre Granny…she can’t keep up with 100% speed :wink:  


So, answer these questions down below!!!