The Great Jimingos (Invite only)

We currently are at Level 13 producing a 20% gold bump. I am looking for players that are active with daily donations. Our alliance is currently set as open. Let me know if you would like to join. If the alliance is full give me a PM.

leaving it open at first worked great for some of the Alliances I been in.

people come and go but u keep all the yummy gold


gl jimingo

Thanks. I tried to close it down at one point but by the time I checked my mail for request the individual already joined another alliance. As for the gold, a few people have paid real money in my alliance then left. I have spent real money and am currently donating 250k a day so I figure if I keep it open eventually people will stay for the long haul. As long as you donate on a regular basis you can stay as long as you wish.

Hi Jimingo, i am french, I just joined your guild. 

I’m still low level so I made a donation to prove that I was motivated.


hoping you keeping me :slight_smile:


sry for my bad english^^

Everblast, glad to have in our alliance. Thank you for your donation. I am keeping the alliance open so anyone can join regardless of trophy level. I wish Royal Revolt 2 had some kind of in game personal message. If you need to contact me you can always reach me through the PM on this forum or this thread. Welcome aboard!

I want to update this post. Our alliance is now at level 18 giving out a 23% gold boost. Question for all, is it comon in other alliances for people to pay money for extra donations? I have spent a google play gift card I was given for Christmas. I plan on dumping more $ as Flare updates the alliance with extra features. Good luck all and happy raiding.

In some (few) alliances it is a requirement to do extra donations at least once, in some it is just an optional extra that some members give, and in some alliances no one pays extra money at all.

Generally, some of the higher alliance levels and boosts can be very costly, so to get there some  extra donations help a lot to speed up your progress. Though, having members with higher alliance tower levels (more default donations) also helps a lot.

Our alliance is about to upgrade to level 20 so we will have one slot open. Currently offering a 25% gold boost.

Been a while since I updated this post. We are alliance level 24 giving a 30% gold boost. I switched the alliance to apply to join. We currently have one spot open.

Do you have a spare slot for me?

All filled up as of now. What is your in game name?


Sorry but your trophy level is to low