The Griffin Shield



6 month ago I have create the alliance The Griffin Warrior. During many month I have make this alliance proud and glorius. People have join and we have won many wars and earn War blessings. During month I have make this alliance a good place for new players to enjoy the game. One day I wake up and I have decided to stop all and take a break and for others reason about what happening on the forum in january. So I leave The Griffin Warrior and let’s this glorious alliance in the hands of stranger. Today this alliance is no more…

Today the leader of this alliance has forget this alliance and move on…the past is the past

The leader of this alliance come back in great forces and create a brand new alliance. His name : The Griffin Shield. A place where everyone is welcome and the only place protected by the Griffin Blessings. This new alliance will be better and more awesome than the previous one. The blessings will allow you to push back your worst enemy

Come and together we will destroy every alliance on our path.


For now nothing is require. Just join and have fun


Donate each days, be active, participate during Alliance Wars

Screenshot (211).jpg

Screenshot (212).jpg

Alliance Leve 4 now

7 spot free

8 spot Free. Come fast before 4.0 arrive to obtain Donation Bonus

Screenshot (260).jpg

Screenshot (261).jpg

Alliance up at Level 7. 8 spot free. Hurry before 4.0 arrive :slight_smile:

Donation per day : 110K

Donation per day if everyone have +30% Donation Bonus : Close 183K

lol too much video I have make. I must take 1 hour to watch them all. I have the level 8 and close level 9 for the alliance. I will update this later

For low lvl alliance your requirements are too high. Gl anyway.

Cannot be too high lol I don’t have any requirement. Its open. you have confuse with something else. I think you talk about donation per day and all? what i write are not requirement its what I offer in my Alliance. Not the same thing

for now Level 8 with 5 members. One have left one hour ago

Donation per day : 136K

Donation per day if everyone have +30% bonus : over 200k

Boost : I have many boost unlock but I accumulate for now the gold. I will boost soon… probably next week

Level 9 is planing for around Saturday

Space : 8 space left

Gold : 653,500

Offer : Divine Blessings start next Saturday. In 2 days we gonna be at 1 Millions and i up at level 9. Gonna still around 400k.136K X 7. Close at 1.4 Millions next Saturday.So if you have difficulty to advance in the game or be stuck somewhere on a Monster Islands. Join me I will offer you the blessing you needed to advance


with the War who arrive in 4.0. i want to form and upgrade my alliance the most faster if possible. So join me now to allow me to develop my Alliance to be ready for 4.0.Thanks

Space : 7 space left

Gold : 586,500

Donation per day : 136K

Level 10 planify for Saturday

the great value of this alliance is given by the experience of Warriornator who knows the game very well and can help you grow a lot, quickly and well and this is very important

Space : the 4.0 have hurt probably many alliance like mine :slightly_frowning_face: so 8 + 3 inactives = 11 space free