The Griffin Warrior


If you want to have fun and if you need help or anyhing then join me. together we gonna have fun :slight_smile:

Gold bonus : 16 %

Total Donation per day : 106k

Boost Activated during Odyssey for the moment : Spearman,Archer and Warrior


Some improvement

Gold Bonus : +18%

Total Donation per day : 161K

Boost Activated during Odyssey : Spearman,Archer and Warrior




Some Improvement

Gold Bonus : +18%

Daily donation : 161K

Alliance level : 12 (Unlock Minotaur Boost) if you want to use it join fast. Still 22 hours

During Odyssey : Spearman,Archer,Warrior and Minotaur




Some Improvement

Gold Bonus : was at +24% yesterday but this morning 2 members have left so that drop once again at +18%

Daily Donation : 164K

Alliance Level 12 : Yes I have plan to level up more but for now I don’t have enough people so I accumulate the gold

Boost : for now I give only Spearman but later I will give more if I can get more people

So you want to have fun, have fun to use a lot of boost and more. Join me

Do you have 8 members still @Warriornator?

I think that’d be an important thing to point out to people coming to this thread. They are looking for alliances that can participate in the wars


Some improvement :

Gold Bonus : +22%

Daily Donation : 167k

Alliance Level 12 : No change

Boost during Odyssey : Spearman

Boost during Wars : Spearman,Poseidon,barricades,Minotaur,Artemis

the members who join have all 1k so now I research player with high donation like 5k,10k,25k,etc… trophy don’t matter 600,1000,etc…

Wars Result : Presently Rank 1 with 11 torch 32K VP equal with Rank 2 with 11 torch and 29K VP


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Here is the result of the Wars 10.20.17 - 10.22.17

Before the Wars I have 1 Millions so I have boost : Artemis,Barricade,Poseidon,Spearman and Minotaur for 3 days or close


The Result after 1 day


After 2 days : 12 Torch Winning Streak in Offense and Defense


Result few hours ago : Winning Streak in Offense and Defense


Here just before I have allow members to unlock the quest with 3 skulls battle



My members have unlock the quest of 4 skulls



Total Domination of the Map


And the Final Result (I don’t have wake up during the last night to do more VP so the VP is not totally in maximum) and many of my members have join during Wars so they was not able to fight. So we can easily do over 80k VP


So in 4 hours we will gain first Rank War Boost

Wow Beautiful Gold Emblem


and the War Boost :



Disappointing I was sure the War boost was the same like RR2 but its not the case. So I think I will not invest too much in Wars. That don’t worth it. So the Rank 1 I do in the first Wars will be maybe the only one. I will see in 4 days

Well the War Boost given are in level 1 only and for 24 hours so I take time to calculate how alliance gold I need for those boost for maximum benefit :

Blessing : Only 1 Million for 3 days for Artemis,Barricade,Minotaur,Poseidon,Spearman maybe around 1.5 Milion if I add Prometheus and Warrior so for 7 days I need 3.5 Millions

War Boost :  Phalanx need to be boosted 6 time to be at level 6 so 1.2 Millions for 4 days. Perses Tower at 170k prolong 6 times for level 6 1 Millions and Medusa  at 180k for 6 times 1 Millions

If I want to use those boost 1 Wars on 2 I need around 7 Millions

If I have 17 Members X 50k = 850K per day x 7 = 5.950.000 Millions x 2 week = close 12 Millions

Ok so now I research player who want to join with 25K or 50K if possible better if you have higher donation


I research everyone who is very active same if you have 1K but project in future to invest in Alliance Hall of Uranus to up at 50k or more

@Warriornator War blessings don’t work exactly like divine blessings.
Prolonging the duration of a war blessing doesn’t increase its level. Only the number of torches of your alliance determines the level of each war blessing.
For example, on the last screenshot of your previous post, you can see that your Phalanx Wall is at level 1 and need 20 torches to be level 2. Another example, your Perses Tower will be level 2 when you will reach 40 torches.

Good to know thanks

You’re welcome.

I forgot to mention that the cost to prolong a war blessing increases with each new level. For example, to prolong for 12h a Phalanx Wall level 4 requires 550k gold.


Close to get again Rank 1. I wake up during a night like 15 min too late. So I lost the chance to do a 5th Strike. Congratulations to JustFun to have got the time to wake up in middle of the night and do all strike in time.

Next time