The Heal Tower isn't Healing a Tower well inside it's circle...

I haven’t been able to figure this out for like 2 months…

How is the Heal Tower not healing the Skull Tower.  It’s clearly in it’s range circle. 

The Heal Tower’s Range Perk has been upgraded to 7.  The Tower should reach.

Sorry to tag you all, but @oPelle, @Fourofjacks, and @FTB, you guys know what’s going on?

same here something not right with those towers need to report to in Bug section.

Don’t trust the range circle it’s not accurate. You can only go by what happens in battle, ie test.

My guess is that is due to the towers moving when in battle, the HT looks looks / moves closer to the path in battle than what it looks like in design.

Or the range circle is just not accurate, which it has never been.

That’s why i suggested that a tower that can be healed by heal tower should be highlighted in pink when you select the heal tower. But do you think they even care to read ? NO.

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Damn!  Wow that’s a great idea!

Well they still need to fix the incorrect range or positioning between design mode and actual battle else it would highlight towers incorrectly

it would if the tower was completely in the circle…that heal tower is healing nothing but the path. Touching the circle don’t count.


And in those examples that the towers are out of the circle, but being healed…

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Please do not necromancer old topics. There are 2 current topics about the heal tower range. Thank you!