The Hero Items Deal or No Deal

This thread is for any Royal Revolt 2 players to ask the community opinion before purchasing hero items from granny



You can either post picture of your current items let say glove and the glove you want to buy (for people to compare)




Post the stats of your current items and the items you want to buy (including the price)


Mention your hero level and maybe leaderboard ranking.You can also mention you gems amount and other information that you feel are necessary.


example : 


Current Item

Item : Sword

Primary Att : 160

Secondary Att : 68.9 fire damage


New Item

Item : Sword

Primary Att : 185

Secondary Att : 90.7 blunt damage

Price : 513 gems (this could be gold/pearls too)



Hero Level : 58

Gems/Pearls/Gold Amount : 1024 gems

We already have a subforum dedicated to that. I took the liberty of moving your thread.

I got Att 190 + 102.6 blunt from Granda’s sell.

I vote: No.  At 58 your hero will be progressing reasonably fast (at least under the new rules).  I would be willing to bet at a near future granny sale you will get a legendary offer with at least 200 primary attack and 100 secondary blunt or ice for about 300 gems.

well, i just have 27 gems with me currently.

Dear Granny


You have been camped out in my courtyard for a number of months now. When you first came to my kingdom you were welcome, as you sold some useful and attractive items. Unfortunately of late the goods you have on offer are of little or no use. Sadly neither scream boosts or ice protection are items that have any place in the current game, maybe you need to get out more. Additionally, if you are to offer ‘golden items’ please ensure that they are better than the ones I already possess.


Of late I have had several complaints from my villagers about the strong smell of cat in your general vicinity as well as some suspicion that your overweight feline has been snacking on their chickens and relieving itself in their plant pots.


Therefore unless you start to offer some useable items, I’m afraid that I will have to serve you notice of eviction. The space you currently inhabit has been earmarked for development and I have granted outline planning permission for the building of a new silo to cater for the output from the new farms that I am hoping to build shortly.


I hope that we can find an amicable solution to this problem, maybe you have some gargoyle protection you’ve been hiding away? However as it stands you are providing no real benefit to my kingdom just occupying valuable real estate and pedalling tat.


Your sincerely


King Drum

Well said granny and beast most go. Time for second silo. Building permits on the way please. Maybe a window phone user will be able to win at the diamond league for change without spending money for gems to b

uy more food.

i hate granny right till she offers me that one special item that i droll a lil at before i snatch it up like its in a auction house lol

Just one question… At what level should i start spending gems at Granny? I mean… I’m only lvl 34 and i have some spare gems but… is it rly worth to spend gold and gems in equip now?


Some said lv 70.


But I use at lv 50+

you guys are so high king leveled!! im envious 

best advice i can give you is to not spend the gems but if you have pearls or gold to spare id throw it in there for a better item under level 50

I have used gems to spin (like upto 4 gems per search and then buy some small item to reset back to 1 gem for search. I always found something worth with Gold. This I did till the dungeon update which gave some nice stuff so far (plus the bonus slots thanks to Jason Wivart). Now I am at 72 and have some respectable gear and with the new normal item sale, you are finding stuff much easier if you have gems. I wont be spending any more till gain level 80 i guess and hope to gather some gems by then. I can see 1500 gems from dungeon, 1000 gems for reaching level 80 and 1000 gems for equipping all legendary still to ome. So thats 3500 gems in pipeline that I should be able to use for better gear at level 80.


My suggestion, use whatever gems you have to spin only and use only gold to buy items.