the heroes ignore the structures

I noticed that with version 3.8 the heroes when they are near towers or barricades if there are enemy units nearby, first they kill the units and then take care of the structures, ignoring the fact that they click on the structure and not on the units, moreover the gate of Apollo does not suffer additional damage from heroes who are equipped with “demolition” items.

May I ask what platform you are using? I also did notice heroes ignoring clicks on structures and instead killing enemies around it, but only on IOS, which is nevertheless an annoying issue. Might have to do with rather crap touch precision, as Apple Pencil seemingly solves this.

i’m using Windows

I don’t know if its the same problem but I have noticed if you use auto play mode. The computer sometime ignore all tower and enemy if they are too much and ignore them and left your troops alone die and continue to run ahead alone,etc… for some hero like Helen of Troy,Achilles,Athena,etc… not much a problem they can defend themselve alone with all power but the others can be a real problem