The Hobbit - Battle of The Five Armies !

Who’s planning on seeing The Hobbit - Battle of The Five Armies this December ?   :slight_smile:


Just saw the trailer and it’s awesome ! So hyped to watch it, The Hobbit The Lord of The Rings Trilogy have got to be the best movies i have ever seen hands down.

I’m psyched to see it but what does this really have to do with royal revolt exactly <_<

i would see it. i like lotr so much.

oh and i hope its much better then part 1 and 2.

i havent seens part 2 yet :slightly_frowning_face:

Been waiting for the part 3 since the end of part 2 ! Nowadays you don’t get many movies like this one , epic ! 

Sorry Must have missed that, honestly I miss a lot of things :slightly_frowning_face:

lol itll be ok

I plan to even watch Hobbit 1+2 again together with some friends right before going to cinema and watch part 3.

A Hobbit marathon there and back again! :wink:


And then the complete LotR trilogy the next day :lol:

holy shit man i take it on a weekend or you dont have job :wink:

Weekend! :wink:

I mean, it’s a bit crazy, but it’s only once, so I guess it’s ok :lol:

true ive made a day with a girlfriend of mine to watch entire series of shows :wink:

i found a king with the name “Fingolfin”; as this is a lotr discussion here, i thought i’d mention it


and i would like to ask u all a question: who remembers who fingolfin is (without google-ing it)?


                                                                 btw it took me a day to remember (without google-ing :slight_smile:

Fingolfin? Err… I just finished the Silmarillion, so I’d better know lol…


He was one of the Noldor leaders who left Valinor and entered Middle Earth to get back the Silmaril from Melkor, but I tend to confuse the Noldor leader names and relationships (e.g. who was brother/son/father of who?), so I’m not exactly sure if Fingolfin was one of Feanor’s brothers or not… though I’d say “yes”. And Feanor did create the Silmaril and swore an oath not to rest until they are reclaimed from Melkor… though, he died quite early in a heroic battle with some Balrogs.


Good enough? :wink:

It’s going to be pure epic battle from beginning to end - basically Helms Deep  + Pelennor Fields + Battle Before the Black Gate back-to-back *3 with a Dragon appetizer and the inevitable “back again” epilogue along with some ominous foreshadowing of the events in LotR.  


Doesn’t exactly follow the book (or even the spirit of the book), but it is what it is and Jackson’s eye and vision are entertaining on their own merits.


I’m pumped.   :wink:

I watched this movie last week