The HUNS recruiting thread

The alliance with the most patient leader ever (he strictly follows his simple rules!), the most generous leader ever (1.8 billion gold donated!), and the most colorful cast of cross-continental Kings is seeking new Kings who like to communicate, raid, and, most importantly, make fun of Uther (a fun player of ours). We all love being here!


What’s asked of you?

  1. Try to win 3 fights per day on both offense and defense in the alliance wars per. 500 total skulls minimum for both offense and defense  (Note: you’ll be going against level 75+ competition.)
  2. Donate daily 100k minimum (or show us how you will get there).
  3. Don’t be a jumper/cheater 
  4. If you can’t do the above for a little while, shoot one of us a message!

Do those things, and you won’t get kicked–not by me, not by our leader, and most certainly not by Uther (he’s just a soldier). 


And we do love Uther, honestly. In fact, he’s pretty much the model soldier who our leader tried to make general but he turned it down. He’s an honest, good dude, and so are we as an alliance. We don’t cheat, don’t smoke (I don’t really know that), don’t curse, and get along really well.


Come and hang out with us!

From what you’re explaining about uther is pretty much the exact opposite of me, LOL

Hi guys,


First, thank you Blookie Bloo the words… :slight_smile:

The other things is, that we are full at the moment, so the recruiting was really successful. :slight_smile:

If anybody wants to join to HUNS, just send us a PM and next time we will take the apply into consideration.


Thanks, regards,

I guarantee, You will not disappointed join with us.


Most important you need to know :

  • Like Blookie Bloo said, we have the most generous leader ever. He’s the boss, he will cover all donation shortage
  • We have three best generals
    1. Strong generals : he’s the strongest general in our alliance (Leader more strongest  :slight_smile:
    2. Rich generals : he’s the only one helping our leader with big donation (Leader more biggest donation 
    3. Smart generals : he made a clever strategy (But i’m more clever  :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Many low level in our alliance, most of them helping alliance war and very active (although we lost in war, we proud with our member)

But, a lot of our members will get kicked (because it does not comply with the rules)

So we will have some room.


What are you waiting for?

Pre order now, Send PM to Budakalaz or Blookie Bloo


Ps : low donation, very active and loyalty is better than big donation but not loyal (Jumper :angry:

are you jealous with me  :stuck_out_tongue:

Uther is right (see?): we will likely have some space because some soldiers have not donated even once in months. Which is too bad, because Budakalasz is so patient (waited a month since he made the rule!) and generous to help these guys out. 


So their loss means we’ll have space for you in 2 days. So PM us, like Buda said. :slight_smile:

Pm especially me because i don’t get pm’s often, when I do it’s probably because I did something wrong

hey  ,  i  want  to  join  your  alliance!  my  trophies  are  generally  above  3850+  but  because   of  lack  of  boosts  i’m  lagging  at  3550  because  i  left  todesritter  i’m  alliance less  now  ,  i  donate  75k  per  day  and  soon  i  will  be  donating  100k  very  soon  because  i  won  the  most  recent  rate  my  base  serious  please  invite  me .  my  brother  goku  ssj2  is  in  your  alliance  as  well.  my  ign  is  yusuf12

Well Yusuf you have a reputation on jumping alliances, so i know once you get the time to upgrade your things you’ll leave, if you agree to stay for a decent amount of time we’ll let you in

Folks, it’s that time again! Open slots!

  • Boosts 1 level from max; no weak boosts here!
  • 45% gold boost
  • 100% hilarity and action all day
  • And we have Budakalasz, the best leader of them all (just try his base)


  • Be able to beat kings lvl 70+ (preferably 75+).
  • Donate minimum 100k per day. 
  • Be active in the alliance wars
  • Communicate

We don’t kick people if you maintain these levels. We like watching players develop, and they often climb 300-700 trophies within the first 2 weeks of being here. Our players get invited to the highest alliances because we actually care about each other, but we stick around here because it’s like a party every day. We’re not jumpers; we’re people you’ll want to fight alongside after you chat with us. You’ll see a camaraderie that was there long before Alliance Wars.


Shoot me a PM as soon as possible if the HUNS is right for you.

pm me too

Who is about to win some ultra-powerful elite boosts from the current war season? We are!


Elite Arblaster and Elite Mummy are ours! Add those to  our other continuous boosts (see above) and you have one heck of an alliance. 


Are you ready for that? Then PM me if you fit our rules (see above). Remember that our Alliance exists to help the lower level players out there, too. But because we’ve been doing that for so long, we are now a very strong alliance. But we haven’t forgotten our roots. So think you can beat lvl 75+ kings with ultra-strong elite boosts? Then have some good times with the HUNS. 


That’s a lie, i climbed 600 in 3 days :wink:

Want a patient alliance to join? Think you might get kicked while you level up? Then join the HUNS! We only blame our alliance member 'rudrAgni when things go wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, Ed. lol. Why is it posted 3 times in increasingly larger font?

should we mark this as spam?

i don´t make spam, i am from mexico, i speak spanish and few english.


Ya veo. Voy a pedir a los otros generales. :slight_smile:


PM me from now on. 

So, the HUNS will be looking for new members again, but now are boosts will be in flux while we grow! We will still have all the standard, high-level boosts, but arblaster and mummy will be on pause, to be won again hopefully the next war.


So grow with us! Once we add a few more members, we’ll go full on again. In the mean time, expect the same high level of boosts and gameplay you can only get in high-level alliances like the HUNS.


Minimum requirements:

  • 150k donation
  • Getting quickly to lvl 75+
  • Active in alliance wars