The inconsistencies with skull perking

I don’t understand why you can reforge and find skull perks in Belts, rings and capes but not weapon and gloves. Why the inconsistencies? The only thing you guys are limiting are the variation in terms of strategy available.


Inb4 someone says “because some perks are too strong to be included in war gear”, well, then balance that perk! Sounds like a really silly thing to do to “limit” varieties instead.


For example, take a look at Harkos set:-


  1. translocation is indubitably the lousiest of all the Harkos set, but the only one with skull perk

  2. Infection chance is the strongest perk among the set.

  3. No one is going to use intimidate or, worse, confusion, over infection chance for a non war gear, making these 2 gloves absolutely redundant in the game. (why weaken an enemy by lowering its resistance so you kill faster or temporarily confuse an enemy when you can permanently turn him into an ally which is the fastest way of eliminating the threat?)




PROPER way to balance it for means of variety would be:-


  1. All gloves can have second slot reforged into skull perk

  2. CHANCE to proc varies according to the strength of the perk. For example, infection chance could be like 7% while Confusion chance could be like 20%. This way, there is a TRUE variety for players to choose, i.e. pick something strong that procs less or pick something weaker that procs more. (p.s. translocation can be as high as 30% and if other gloves can have skull perks, I bet no one still wants to use translocation)


Isn’t this OBVIOUS to game developers?

Its clear why they did it.

at the start the only way to find the sword or gloves was to buy the ubers. It was the method to push to buy the ubers

as example i boughy like 600 ubers until i got my sword.


and i have no idea why its dad and why they need to change it.

This ^. Thank you for pointing out what I bet everyone is hating about these items.

It’s like they didn’t make some usability tests with the perk, since it’s totally useless.

I don’t say it’s mandatory to give us the chance to forge gloves/weapons with skull perk… although it would be nice.

At the very least though…

Please create 3-4 more versions of a skull perk Horkos glove (or even Aion weapon) but with other perks besides translocation.

At least we can buy an useful glove straight away…

Instead of being forced to change the translocation useless perk, into an ice damage perk, or other damage boost “meh” perks…

Hi there,

I am moving this to general discussions/pro league and shop.


Many old players have forged skullperks in gloves and weapon around 200-300 times. A new strong perk would be very disappointing for them

Thanks. With this statement, Flare will seriously consider it so those players, after complaining, will spend tons again to forge 200-300 times on the new gloves.

I stopped at 30.6% skull dress.It is more useful to cast spells and units on the pearls