The "instant" spells! Which one is better?

I’m just upgrading Blizzard and found it’s damn strong also vs units, in addition it severely hurts Wolfs, Gargoyle (kill), Skull tower, Blockades and if not kills… it slow down.


According to the “numbers” it seems impossibile that blizzard does a decent damage, but it’s not true. It hurts! :wink:

I mainly use Swordrain to kill opponent’s Frosters, because their slow effect is too harmful :confused:

I vote for Blizzard because most of top bases have skull towers and as we know skull tower has weakness from 100% ice, so if it doesn’t kill troops or towers directly, at least it slow down, swordrain doesn’t.

So Swordrain is more for troops, Blizzard is both troops and towers. +1

Cooldown: Swordrain: 15s, Blizzard: 12s so again +1 for blizzard.

Before the introduction of the Elite Arblasters, blizzard was the best, hands down. But since there is no real other way to get rid of those arbs on the other side of the road, I have to vote for swordrain.

After those three boost I think it depends upon type of base.i have some points:-

1-opelle is right.since most of the high level bases use skull towers and those are quite blizzard can be very useful against them.after the new server update they decreased the cool down period of blizzard and now it is equivalent to bladestorm and this is making blizzard very is very helpful against boosted wolf,skull towers,pyromancers,gargoyle towers and also slow down each and every unit.although weak against boosted barricades,they take down blockades easily.the best thing I like in blizzard is it gives me chance to recover under heavy firing.

2-flare added another boost known as froster blaster,and most of the bases going to use them because they are strong and very powerful and their healing capacity cannot be if you are not killing them in one go,then they are going to kill you for sure.and i don’t think blizzard have the power to kill them.only a good level swordrian can kill high level boosted airblasters in one go.swordrian is also useful against boosted level 5 ogres.also they included boosted mummy and i don’t think blizzard can do any harm to them.

So i think it depends upon type of base,but then also if i need to choose one…i will go with blizzard:)

Use Hammerstrike and your boosted arbs going down to knees with lv16.

What is the blunt damage of level 16 hammerstrike???

I want to know more about hammerstrike i.e against which towers and units it is useful???

Is it useful against boosted monsters???

Is it worth to upgrade hammerstrike to max???

My Hammerstrike will be max in 2 days - I’ll write more in one topic after few tests. With LV18 you are able to kill following units with one hit: Boosted Knights, Boosted Archer, Boosted Arbs, Gargs, Froster (because of non existing blunt resistance), Pyro, And Mortar. If you fight against Boosted Mummy you can onehit the Boosted Knights which comes out after death. I use Schield, Blizzard and (for tests) Hammerstrike against rank 200-900 enemies and run mostly good against their bases.

I would think that Hammerstrike would be the best, for the following reasons:

  1. Good against structures as well units

  2. Low cooldown

  3. Doesn’t actually need to be maxed. Think about it. Even if Hanmerstrike only deals 50% damage, that just means that you need to get the arbs down to <50% health to kill them. So just Bladestorm… Hammerstrike. Run to the next waves; Sonic Blast… Hammerstrike. With good timing, you can kill every wave, no problemo, without even having to max it.

But I wouldn’t know. I wasted all my money on Swordrain, back when it was still good )’:

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If you need to talk about the “new” Hammerstrike use another post :slight_smile:

The topic is instant spells. Hammerstrike is an instant spell~ ;D

Lordam add Hammerstrike on POLL

Just added Hammerstrike to the poll. 

Still think Blizzard is best because of slow effect and dmg to buildings. If there comes a huge croup boosted arbs in your area, hammerstrike works fine. Swordrain is nice when you did not use arbs or archer against Ogre. I think the best benefit from Blizzard and Hammerstrike is to damage buildings good, too.

Hey I am curious…is hammerstrike gonna work against a base full of high level skull towers???

Yeah I now skull towers have blunt damage as their weakness but even high level sb takes time to crack skull towers,so I think hammerstrike will not gonna work against them.



This topic include your question:


You need 2 hits from Hammerstrike to knock down a max Skull, Poison and Firebolt tower. When they are next to each other you’ll hit 2 at same time + maybe a barricade or boosted arblaster. The spell is in 7 sec ready for next cast so you can maybe hit a Wolf + Barricade to avoid howling (when Blizzard was casted before or boosted arbs hit them).

Nice explanation…thanks:)

Are we talking high level or low level gameplay? It really does matter. If we’re talking high level, blizzard hands down. A bunch of skull towers are NOT fun to fight against without blizzard in your arsenal, especially if the person you are raiding has all of them maxed out. Second I would take Swordrain, because maxed arblasters partnered with maxed cannons (both boosted) can do serious damage across lanes. Hammerstrike can’t reach them, so your troops will be in serious trouble, even if you stay with them to keep them alive; all the while wasting precious time. With Swordrain/Blizzard combo, this isn’t a huge issue. Use a blizzard first, THEN swordrain. If you swordrain first, you will kill the arbs, and they will heal the cannons and everything else around them. With blizzard you can also hit the skull tower that is probably in the next lane raining down on you. The range on both of these seriously can’t be beat. Last is hammerstrike.


If we’re talking at a lower level, first is hammerstrike, swordrain, then blizzard. I say blizzard last because at a lower level, you don’t have to worry about an army of maxed skull towers standing in your way. Raiding with froster and an ice type weapon/glove will give you all of the slowing you will need. At a lower level, you will probably see many more snake towers, in which case hammerstrike will serve well. Partnered with your cannons, you won’t have much trouble. I say swordrain second simply because it’s range and damage allows it to kill any piercing typed dps. I am assuming that all troops arent maxed, since we are talking about lower level gameplay.

The real problem with hammerstrike is its range! Really low! We’re talking about mid-high gameplay (+3200 trophies).